Monday, August 31, 2009

Bouquet for a Businesswoman


~Antiqued hydrangeas, ‘Black Magic’ roses, thistle and hypericum berries in an oval galvanized tin~

Happy Monday!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Simply Michael George

Nothing is more beautiful to me than neutral simplicity…


…and Michael George has to be the master of this look…modern, sleek simplicity…



…bet Joni over at Cote de Texas would like this room…


…have always loved the creamy caramel tone of these mini callas…


…anybody want to guess how many tulips are in this simple little arrangement?

04 ….tone on tone…notice the great centerpieces…and the lanterns!


Let me say a word on the “simplicity” of Michael George’s bouquets and arrangements… they look perfect and seem simple to make since they usually use only one type of flower…but looks are deceiving! One stem out of place will be obvious in these ultra sleek bouquets. I am in awe of the talent of this man!


…each orchid bloom in this bouquet is hand-wired which makes for a very lightweight bouquet…much more comfortable than carrying a heavy one around all day…


Check out Michael George Hybrid to see more of his work…you will love the artful quality of his floral designs.

I’ll meet you here on Monday with more flowers!

(all images from Michael George Hybrid)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Pretty in Pink

From a newly married husband to his wife…


~’Cezanne roses’, white hydrangea, pink lisianthus and white freesia~

Hope you all have a great weekend! It’s below 90 degrees here in Texas this morning which makes for a great start to the weekend!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Staying in the Lines

What is it about perfectly straight lines of identical objects that grabs me ? I think there may be a name for this condition…



All of these images are from Nisie’s Enchanted Florist and you will be amazed at her website. With her background as a fashion designer, Nisie creates amazing floral designs with precise attention to detail.


Succulents AND straight rows…



…AND monochromatic, monobotanical  bouquets!


Anyone else get this excited about order?

Monday, August 24, 2009

Lovely Lavender

A fondness for the lavender of the twilight sky…

amnesiaROSEELITEINC.  ‘Amnesia’ roses

(photo from Rose Elite)


DP050dupioni plum Dupioni silk ribbon in ‘Plum’

(photo from Midori)



(photo from The Hidden Garden)


LX130luxe twilight Luxe ribbon in ‘Twilight’

(photo from Midori)



Love the texture and color of the viburnum berries next to these lavender roses…

(photo from Blush Floral Design)


marin--hydrangea wreathblush 

You know how I feel about hydrangeas…gorgeous!

(photo from Blush Floral Design)



A soft cloud of pale blue and lavender…romantic.

(photo from Melissa Riva Flowers)


Hope you all had a great Monday. Today was our first day of school and I can see I’ll be posting between activities or in the evening for the next nine months. Thanks for stopping by today!


Friday, August 21, 2009

Stargazers for Someone Special

So…a number of years ago we had to replace the air conditioning unit in our home. While the A/C tech was here working, he noticed my flower studio. After talking for a while he asked if he could order flowers for his wife. He requested ‘Stargazer’ lilies…


Over the years we’ve kept in touch with one another through flower deliveries and A/C repair visits. In an effort to rekindle the friendship, our compressor died this week. When you live in Texas and it’s 102 degrees outside, an A/C man becomes a treasured friend! Great to see you again, Clint…

(white hydrangeas, ‘Stargazer’ lilies and ‘Lovely Lydia’ spray roses in a pressed tin planter)


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Meet Julia Bailey

I’m so excited about featuring the photography of Julia Bailey today! Julia is a photographer from New Orleans and I was fortunate enough to work on a wedding that she photographed here in Texas. Annie, the bride, was so giddy when she spoke of Julia during our flower consultation that I knew I had to check out her website as soon as our consult was over. I was mesmerized by Julia’s website. Even the music playing in the background sent me into an artistic hypnosis!

Before I share this wedding with you,  take a  look at Julia’s website here. Prepare to be BLOWN AWAY!


Annie chose a color palette of Cherry Blossom and Fig for her spring wedding.


Light pink peonies and immature green hydrangeas were hand-tied with ‘Fig’ double-faced satin Midori ribbon for the bridal bouquet.

I_0920 Bridesmaids carried ‘Esperance’ roses, pink ranunculus and tiny lime hydrangeas wrapped with ‘Fig’ ribbon with pink jeweled accents.

I_0157 The younger flower girls carried pomanders of Kermit mums studded with pink and green beads. A loop of ‘Cherry Blossom’ Midori ribbon formed the handle.

I_0177 The oldest flower girl carried this floral box filled with Kermit mums, poppy pods, pink ranunculus, lisianthus buds and bupleurum with a beaded handle.

I_0455 The church was decorated with trees of crystals constructed by the family…beautiful!


I_0436 Monochromatic clusters of pink flowers were tied on pew ends with ‘Cherry Blossom’ ribbon.


Clusters of crystal candlesticks topped with ‘Majolika’ spray roses, green hypericum berries and bupleurum served as reception centerpieces.



I love the way Julia captured this centerpiece of ‘Esperance’ roses, green spider mums, ‘Super Green’ roses, bupleurum, ‘Majolika’ spray roses, pink peonies, green hypericum berries, pink lisianthus and Queen Anne’s Lace.



Some centerpieces at the reception incorporated branches of crystals…continuing the theme started at the ceremony.


I_0738 The reception was held at Downtown 202 which also happens to be one of my favorite venues. Tall ceilings, brick walls, concrete floors and gorgeous chandeliers…and this perfect night sky looking out on downtown.


Special thanks to Emily and Jenny for their work on this wedding. You two made my life so much easier and this reception would not have been the same without your design work. I’m blessed by your friendship!

Thanks, also, to Janice and Kelli for their help on this wedding. You made me laugh and enjoy the moment while working at the church! Miss you…

And to Julia: Thanks for your generosity…I’m so thrilled to get the chance to post some of your photos. You have inspired me with your kindness and unbelievable artistic talent. As my teenager would say, “You Rock”! 


I_0158… the reason I love weddings…

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Since We’re Headed Back to School…

…thought I’d share an arrangement one mom sent to her elementary school-aged daughter…


~white hydrangeas, ‘Blue Bird’ roses, purple tulips and lavender freesia in a metal tub with chalkboard nameplate~


Monday, August 17, 2009

Ariella Chezar – Inspired by Nature

If you love nature and art, you must check out Ariella Chezar. Her floral designs are a perfect marriage of the two.

23bbARIELLA One of my all time favorites…nerines and a full blown peony.


26_1bARIELLA Making an arrangement look this natural and uncontrived is actually very difficult. I can envision that vine just busting loose during the reception and slapping a guest in the face! Those are the kinds of things floral designers are always thinking about…or having bad dreams about…


28bARIELLA Scented geranium leaves, berries and garden roses…so romantic.


33bARIELLA So interesting and beautiful. Are those peas hanging down? You could actually snack on this bouquet!


35bARIELLA The colors here remind me of summer and sorbet…

For more of Ariella’s breathtaking designs, check out her website.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hydrangeas in a Trash Can

Always on the search for an interesting container…


White hydrangeas, pink parrot tulips, pink lisianthus and ‘Cezanne’ roses in a 3- tier glazed pot.


Hydrangeas in a 1950’s quilted trash can

Have a great Saturday!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Midori Addiction

I have a bit of a ribbon hoarding problem. I have boxes and boxes crammed with ribbon organized by color in my studio. Midori ribbon is to blame for this addiction! I just can’t resist the names Midori uses to describe their ribbon colors…bisque, muse, blush,latte, mandarin, nectar, blond, heliotrope, storm, fawn, oyster, mink…who could resist?

2009 08 14 001crop2

Some days I think I should have been a Midori rep…I could sell this ribbon with passion!


They’ll even print your business logo or personal message on their ribbon.


bandingmid You can find gift wrapping ideas on the Midori website. Believe me, people are impressed when you show up with a package wrapped like this. No one has to know you cheated a little… 


Love these favor bags and labels…and that ribbon with the logo on the spool…there’s just something about that “M” that gets me.


I love these idea pages. Look at the Midori website to see more idea pages organized by color palettes.

My personal favorite: 2 3/4” double-faced satin ribbon in any color.

P.S. I forgot to tell you my favorite hydrangea after my hydrangea post last week: Hamburg Blue/Green

Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Where It All Began

I will always remember this event…Women’s Night Out hosted by the Chamber of Commerce…because it was the first time I displayed my flowers in public. Local business owners had booth spaces and the women who attended the event could shop around during happy hour. I shared the booth space with a friend who owned a stationery shop. The excitement built all week and I could barely wait to set up our booth. We had so much fun and I was definitely hooked on the flower business after the experience!