Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Buttercream Roses

…buttery ‘Femma’ roses in a turquoise Ball jar…

2007 05 25 058en 

…always a sucker for simplicity…

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Giving Alstromeria a Chance…

…’Cool Water’ roses and alstromeria in a gift box ready for delivery…


…this is one of only two times I can ever remember using alstromeria in an arrangement…removing all the foliage and using tight blooms gave it a slightly  different look which made it a bit more appealing, but I’m still not a huge fan…still, I feel obligated to give every flower a chance!


Here’s the other time I used it…alstromeria with a cuff of ti leaves hand-tied with a jute wrap…

I suppose I’m not crazy about this flower because it seems overused, but it has some great qualities. Alstromeria has a long vase life, comes in a large array of colors and is very inexpensive.

Ok, who loves this flower and is a little upset with me for being negative about it? Just trying to be real…

Monday, September 28, 2009

Dozens of Velvety Roses

Four dozen ‘Black Baccara’ roses…

DSC_0070 …with ‘Tamango’ spray roses, hypericum berries and red ranunculus in a moss lined iron basket…from a husband to his wife…

Happy Monday! 

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Snow White Phalaenopsis Orchids

I have never seen a more striking use of Phalaenopsis orchids than at this wedding reception designed by Robbie Honey…breathtaking!

wed_white_arrangement_lrobbie honey 

wed_white_cake_lrobbie honey

cor_napkinholder_lrobbie honey


…can’t help but notice the beautiful draping and white flooring in the reception tent…

Have a great weekend and I’ll meet you here on Monday with more flowers. Something you’d like me to cover in a post? I’d love your thoughts and comments…


Friday, September 25, 2009


Sunflowers just make you smile…

2007 09 14 023 edit

…doesn’t get any simpler than this!

Couple of notes on sunflowers: If you buy sunflowers when the flower is fully open, but the center disc is tight and not showing any pollen, they should last 6 to 12 days.The sunflowers above are several days old and the centers are beginning to open. Recutting the stems and changing the vase water every other day will help extend the life of the arrangement. One more thing…I always use a floral preservative in the water.

Hey, it’s Friday! Hope you all have a great weekend.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Flowers From a Highway Patrolman

Wondering which flowers a big masculine gun-toting Highway Patrolman (in a Cowboy hat) would send his sweetheart?

DSC_0006edit …delphinium and ‘Black Baccara’ roses in a cobalt ginger jar with silver lid…


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Guess Who’s Engaged?!

…the girl that designed this bouquet of ranunculus and lilac for our booth at the wedding show…

Wedding Show 2007 044edit

… the girl that makes me smile till it hurts…


2007 06 02 066

Kit was the first designer I hired when I started Bliss Flower Studio. She called to order flowers for her sorority sister, Kat, which got my attention. Really? Kit ordering flowers for Kat? Kit Kat? I thought it was a joke! But after a short visit with Kit, I filled her flower order and hired her to help me with weddings…and I am SO glad I did! She worked with me all the way through college and we had lots of time  while doing weddings together to talk about what sort of wedding she would want … someday.

And here we are…Justin asked her to marry him!

Congratulations Kit and Justin!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Soapberries (Chinaberries)

Yesterday I walked by  my neighbor’s Soapberry tree…

2009 09 21 005edit

…and it reminded me of an arrangement from one of my favorite floral design shops, Cebolla Fine Flowers


Monday, September 21, 2009

50th Birthday Luncheon

When the hostess called wanting flowers for this 50th birthday luncheon, I was thrilled. Several reasons…the hostess is so much fun, the luncheon was to be held at her beautiful home, and she had once owned an event venue which meant she had quite an inventory of tableware to choose from when decorating.

She chose a palette of deep velvety crimson to complement the ivory and gold tones in her china and the Old World charm of the dining space.


Centerpieces of ‘Black Magic’ roses, ‘Black Baccara’ roses, thistle, hypericum berries, rosemary and plums were seated in oval serving dishes from the hostess’s personal fine china collection.

Montgomery (32) edit

Gold toned accessories added  formality to the luncheon.


Montgomery (7) edit

Other centerpieces were designed in vintage vases from the hostess’s personal collection and held ‘Black Baccara’ roses, upright amaranthus, hypericum berries, rosemary, thistle and a plum on top.

Montgomery (23) edit

Montgomery (28)edit

Love is in the details…


Montgomery (40) edit Each chair back held a tiny pitcher with a single ‘Black Baccara’ rose for the guest  to take home as a favor.

Montgomery (15) edit

On the way out, each lady picked up a stopper for her pitcher…

If you are looking for a deep red rose, these two varieties are my absolute favorites! ‘Black Baccara’ is slightly darker than ‘Black Magic’, but both have velvety petals. ‘Black Magic’ opens nicely to a full blown appearance. ‘Black Baccara’ has a perfect shape and stays a bit more compact.

One other note…I prefer to buy hydroponic roses from the US if given the choice. They are a bit more expensive, but worth every dime in my opinion. The time from harvest to delivery is cut down significantly when buying locally which means longer vase life and better flower quality. One of my favorite growers is Eufloria Flowers. Check out their website here.

Happy Monday! Hope your week is off to a great start…

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Storefront Botanicals

Anyone else love storefronts? I know I’m not the only one who can be buzzing down the road at 50 mph and involuntarily slam on the brakes at the sight of a quaint storefront! My husband and sons still don’t understand this urge, but have come to accept it as a quirky part of my personality. Storefronts are never fully dressed to me without the addition of a botanical element.

3922295090_fd1ca7a5de_orachel ashwell shabby chic

Rachel Ashwell included this picture of the new (but original) location of her Shabby Chic store on her blog last week. I adore everything about Shabby Chic Couture…

(image via Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic blog)

dior garden 1robbie honey

Robbie Honey designed this Dior storefront…amazing! Love the precision of the design.

(image via Robbie Honey)

Ralph Lauren evening 001wild at heart …baskets of botanicals and a perfect lawn at Ralph Lauren..

(image via Wild at Heart)


DSC_8841wild at heart …straight red hedge, topiaries and nickel lanterns…

(image via Wild at Heart)

Bamfords-Chelsea_lg wild at heart shop covered in turf A shop covered in turf?! Add two square pave arrangements of (what looks to me like) white roses and…I am impressed…

(image via Wild at Heart)

Hope everyone is enjoying a restful weekend. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to share with you the botanical things that inspire’s always more fun when you share with a friend! Thanks for stopping by…

See you back here on Monday with a new week of flowers…

Friday, September 18, 2009

Something Blue

If there are two things I love, they are hydrangeas and the color blue.

2007 12 10 044edit …‘Aquamarine’ Swarovski crystals add a touch of blue to a bouquet of white hydrangeas and stephanotis…


34crop edit

…an urn of blue hydrangeas and large white callas on my side porch…



…bouquet of blue hydrangeas surrounded by a feather collar…

On a side (but related) note, if you haven’t visited Blue Hydrangea, you should!

Have a great weekend…

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Flowers Just Because

Husbands get big brownie points when they send flowers “Just Because”! For one thing, they come unexpected, since they aren’t tied to a particular holiday. I used one of my favorite roses, ‘Aqua’, in this arrangement sent to an unsuspecting wife. ‘Aqua’ roses are a beautiful shade of pink with lavender undertones and they have a nearly thornless stem. The heads are medium sized, but they are perfectly shaped.


…pink tipped green hydrangeas, ‘Aqua’ roses and pink bouvardia in a whitewashed urn…soft and romantic…


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Residential Flowers

Flowers can add so much to a home…especially when the design is consistent with the architecture of the space. I love the modern floral elements in this home featured in Jennifer Post’s portfolio.

entrance2jennifer post Notice 3 floral/botanical elements here?


entrance3 jennier post Tall glass cylinders of hand-tied ‘Flame’ callas introduce a punch of color. Love the way you could change the look of the room by changing the flowers…periwinkle one day, crimson the next.

sunrm2jennifer post

The botanicals beyond the windows become part of this room by keeping the focus on the outdoor space.

Tour more of this amazing home on my blog Simply Moved

Happy Wednesday…we’re half way to the weekend!

(all images via Jennifer Post Designs)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fall Flowers for a Mother-in-Law

 A favorite client and friend, who has since moved to Arkadelphia, Arkansas, ordered this glazed stone planter full of antiqued hydrangeas and ‘Halloween’ roses for her mother-in-law one November. I found this particularly encouraging since I am the mother of boys (only). I pray someday I have daughters-in-law who would be willing to send me flowers!


Monday, September 14, 2009

Pure White

I love white paint, white slipcovered furniture, white linen clothing and white flowers. The simplicity is striking and sophisticated. Hope you enjoy a taste of pure white from two of my favorite floral design studios…The Velvet Garden and Wild at Heart

3velvet garden

…white callas and a single gardenia…

9the velvet garden

…lily of the valley…so delicate…




…white hydrangeas, ‘Vivian’ spray roses, freesia and ‘Snowy Jewel’ roses…


13velvet garden


…modern hydrangea sphere… 



Cake Stand - side viewwild at heart

…a rose “cake”…

velvet garden

  …dahlias, hyacinth and anthurium…


Thanks for stopping by…and a special thanks to those of you who take the time to leave a comment! I love sharing flowers with you and it means so much when I hear from you…


(images from The Velvet Garden and Wild at Heart)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Flowers for the Fire Chief

I had so much fun delivering this bouquet! A citizen called and ordered the arrangement for our local Fire Chief and his family as a ‘Thank You’ for his hard work and superior leadership in our community. One request…the citizen wanted to remain anonymous. The Fire Chief actually called my studio late on the afternoon I delivered and REALLY wanted to know who would be so kind as to send his family flowers…but I kept my promise and didn’t reveal a thing. Told you this flower business can be fun!


…’Queensday’ roses, safari sunset, hypericum berries and pincushion protea in an aged stone urn…a bit masculine just for the Chief…

Meet you back here on Monday with more flowers! Have a great Sunday…

Friday, September 11, 2009

Cymbidium Orchids

The Cymbidium orchid is the epitome of a sophisticated flower in my opinion. They are available year round in shades of pink, green, white, green, yellow.  The complete stem of florets can be used in design work or the individual florets can be removed and used individually. Cymbidiums also hold up well out of water (maybe that’s one of the reasons I adore them).


 The individual florets, when hand-wired, create a lightweight bouquet of stunning simplicity.



Both mini and standard sized cymbidiums are featured in this centerpiece…along with one of my favorites…fiddleheads.Roses and stock add fragrance to the centerpiece while hydrangeas add volume. 


fall_centerpieceblush I love the combination of pepperberries, hydrangeas, and roses with the orchids. Sweetheart and standard sized roses in deep crimson add richness to the arrangement and what about that zinc container? Beautiful!



 Another combination I like…lime green cymbidiums with deep eggplant mini callas.


I am always drawn to arrangements that incorporate non-floral elements…notice the pomegranate, lotus pod and artichoke…




The deep plum tones of the dahlias and mini callas make this bouquet lush! Notice, also, no filler!


Succulents AND cymbidium orchids AND moss…throw in roses and manzanita…perfection!



Kiwi vine, black grapes, pears and rosemary add natural elements to a wooden box arrangement.

Well, it’s Friday afternoon. Time to start the weekend! Hope you all have a great weekend. Thanks for stopping by this week. I’d love to hear from you. Comments make my blogging day worthwhile!

Images above are from The Hidden Garden and Blush Floral Design. You should check them out…they are both amazing!





Thursday, September 10, 2009

Visiting Root Stock & Quade

Brooklyn is a long way from my house, but if I ever make it there, I’ll  surely visit Root Stock & Quade. I love the story of how the owners, John and Kerry,  got together and combined their two shops to form Root Stock & Quade..img_shop_mainootstock

In addition to the garden/flower shop, Root Stock & Quade offers event design by owner Kerry Quade. I adore the set up for this event…clean, modern, white with a pop of blue that reminds me of the sea. And the squares…


…would like to receive one of these favors…especially the hyacinth!


Gardens designed by owner John Rattigan grace some of Brooklyn’s old brownstone buildings.




Visit the Root Stock & Quade  website for more inspiring garden designs and fresh flower bouquets.

We’re quickly approaching the weekend! Anyone have plans that include “botanicals”?

(all images via Root Stock & Quade)