Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Guess Who’s Engaged?!

…the girl that designed this bouquet of ranunculus and lilac for our booth at the wedding show…

Wedding Show 2007 044edit

… the girl that makes me smile till it hurts…


2007 06 02 066

Kit was the first designer I hired when I started Bliss Flower Studio. She called to order flowers for her sorority sister, Kat, which got my attention. Really? Kit ordering flowers for Kat? Kit Kat? I thought it was a joke! But after a short visit with Kit, I filled her flower order and hired her to help me with weddings…and I am SO glad I did! She worked with me all the way through college and we had lots of time  while doing weddings together to talk about what sort of wedding she would want … someday.

And here we are…Justin asked her to marry him!

Congratulations Kit and Justin!


Never A Plain Jane said...

I saw on Facebook! I'm so happy for her! What a nice way to honor her big announcement. You are the best, Amy.

Blueprint Bliss said...

Love the name Kit! And that bouquet is oh so pretty!

Kit said...

Amy I love this post!

I can't wait for you to be there with us that day!