Thursday, September 10, 2009

Visiting Root Stock & Quade

Brooklyn is a long way from my house, but if I ever make it there, I’ll  surely visit Root Stock & Quade. I love the story of how the owners, John and Kerry,  got together and combined their two shops to form Root Stock & Quade..img_shop_mainootstock

In addition to the garden/flower shop, Root Stock & Quade offers event design by owner Kerry Quade. I adore the set up for this event…clean, modern, white with a pop of blue that reminds me of the sea. And the squares…


…would like to receive one of these favors…especially the hyacinth!


Gardens designed by owner John Rattigan grace some of Brooklyn’s old brownstone buildings.




Visit the Root Stock & Quade  website for more inspiring garden designs and fresh flower bouquets.

We’re quickly approaching the weekend! Anyone have plans that include “botanicals”?

(all images via Root Stock & Quade)

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