Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hanging Blooms

 I’ve always had a thing for flowers used in architectural ways…


…like these roses threaded with such precision from largest to smallest bud in arrangements from Simply Blooms



…and  this curtain of flowers framing a boutique entrance by Robbie Honey

par_hermes_curtain_lrobbie honey


…or this curtain of carnations serving as a floral wall  in an event lounge area by Wild at Heart

Cap-Ferat-086_lg wild at heart

 Stringing flowers on filament is really quite fun and therapeutic…just tie a knot at one end and start threading on the blooms. I usually use an upholstery needle and choose the needle size based on size and fragility of the flowers. Roses, carnations, berries, mums, hyacinth blooms and orchids are easy to use and last a while. Anyone tried stringing another type of flower with success?


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