Saturday, January 9, 2010

Agapanthus (Lily of the Nile)

Wedding Show 2007 041edit

…available in blue or white…long smooth leafless stem…round flower head with individual florets…long vase life…


weddings11 pollen nation uk

…the only time I’ve ever seen agapanthus used in a teardrop bouquet…so unique…

image via Pollen Nation


Wedding Show 2007 039edit …love the smooth stems almost as much as the flower heads…very architectural in form…

Things I’ve noticed when working with agapanthus:

  • the wholesaler sometimes refers to them as “aggies”
  • the pollen will stain hands and cloth
  • young boys like to use the 3 ft. stems as swords
  • the florets are sensitive to ethylene gas
  • a good bunch is the most beautiful treat…a bad batch is disappointing as the florets drop to the floor when you touch them and the remaining blooms only partially open
  • blooms are fragrance-free
  • overall, one of my favorite flowers…you can’t beat the form and the color

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Haven and Home said...

Oh this does nothing for my seasonal depression! I can almost smell flowers when I come here!!!!!