Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Favorite White Cakes

1Q-4785-15Aw-tm qweddingsimage via Q Weddings

124 sweet and saucyimage via Sweet and Saucy

cakeofweek2 blogimage via Paul Johnson Photography

Wish we could sit down with a slice of one of these yummy cakes and a cup of coffee for a mid-week break…and just visit! I have a feeling you all are an interesting bunch and we could talk flowers with enthusiasm…


Never A Plain Jane said...

Okay, flowers would be the default answer, but what are some of your favorite cake toppers? Do you even like cake toppers? Do you prefer a stand-alone bloom, a grouping of the same flowers, or a arrangement of flowers as cake decor?

I think I like the monograms the best though I hear they are hard hard hard to work with. I also like a simple satin ribbon wrapping the base of each tier. While I like cake flowers, I prefer my blooms in an arrangement to be given away to a guest or taken home for a week-long (or more) reminder of a fantastic day!

botanical brouhaha said...

Hey J-
Ironically, most of my favorite cakes have no topper and little to no flowers at all! Weird, huh?