Friday, May 28, 2010

Mixed Bouquets

For some reason mixed bouquets always make me crazy with anxiety when I’m asked to create one. Monochromatic bouquets come easy…bouquets in varying, but tight, palettes come easy…but getting a bouquet with many flower varieties and colors “just right” usually escapes me.  So…when I see a perfect (in my opinion) mixed bouquet, it’s a beautiful thing!

164820_TnBOFGfTfFJ2msmwSrwLq01Qz savage rose image via Savage Rose

SM_blogtemplate_vertical1.inddimage via Sweet Monday Photography

  image via Paul Johnson Photography

kb0237 bella fioriimage via Bella Fiori

sarahrick809162 jessamyn harris photographyimage via Jessamyn Harris Photography

  I am seriously impressed with these bouquets…such talent! I did notice one thing while writing this post…none of these bouquets have “filler” flowers…only high quality flowers with interesting textures…peonies, billy balls, zinnias, gomphrena, orchids, hydrangeas, callas, tulips, lisianthus…no wonder I love them…I hate filler!

Have a great Memorial Day weekend…hope you all get a three day weekend…you deserve it!


Em said...

oooh the first one! The billy balls make it!

Haven and Home said...

I would have never noticed about no fillers but now that you say that I agree! These are gorgeous!