Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Still Crazy For Callas

…after all this time!

05_ivBQlouloudiimage via Louloudi

017image via Mi Belle Wedding Photography

briancookwedding1 JL Designsimage via JL Designs

calla_bouquet_blog sproutflowers frederickburgimage via Sprout Flowers

hollywood-wedding-photo-16 caroline tranimage via Caroline Tran Photography

lol-5 beautiful bloomsimage via Beautiful Blooms

o204085519 modern day floralimage via Modern Day Floral

w8381440022 julie mikos photoimage via Julie Mikos Photography

yvonne design1image via Yvonne Design

I hope you all don’t get tired of seeing callas at the Brouhaha (I know you don’t, Janice)…I just can’t help myself! Callas are just so architectural, sophisticated and modern…I’m smitten…

What’s your favorite color of Calla? Pure white, sunset orange, bi-color purple and white, melon, rose, aubergine? I can’t choose. I love them all!

Have a great Tuesday…


Erratt Family said...

Aubergine for me...big surprise. I do also like the look of the bi-color purple and white callas though. And I'm not sure how anyone could become tired of callas.

Never A Plain Jane said...

Thanks, Amy! Those purple-throated numbers are just gorgeous! I still like callas best when they stand alone, but I also love to see them peeking out from between full-blown roses or hydrangeas. What "full" flower are your favorite to pair with callas?