Monday, June 14, 2010

Bottles And Jars…With Flowers

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I wrote today’s post with Alyssa in mind…she commented last week about how she’s drawn to arrangements in Ball jars because it reminds her of watching her dad canning jelly and jam when she was growing up. Sweet memories…

Have you or will you incorporate an element in your wedding or party based on a fond memory? Would love to hear about it!

Welcome to another HOT week…at least here in Texas. So glad you visited the Brouhaha today!





Jenny said...

I loooove these! it's such an organic look.

Erratt Family said...

I am in love. What more can I say about it.

We could definitely consider something like this in March...I'm just saying. We need to get together and play with ideas sometime soon!

Not for me, but I think doing something utilizing different broaches and jewelry is a neat idea for someone who has a mother or grandmother (or both in our case) who has a large collection of unique items. I could see Avery enjoying that kind of detail, considering her love of jewelry. And if you could combine old hardbacks AND jewelry then it would be perfect! And make for some great photography opportunities as well.