Friday, July 16, 2010

Bouquet Styles

Hand-tied round bouquets are definitely the trend in my area of the country…and still probably my favorite…because I love the creativity you can put into the handle wrap (by the way, I have some amazing handle wraps to share with you next week)…

_DSC9812_72 sprout fredericksburgimage via Sprout

Just for fun, here are some alternatives…

6a00d8354bd35a53ef00e554fd38968834-800w blooms by martha andrewsimage via Blooms by Martha Andrews

6a010534a9832e970b010536b5eba7970b yvonne designimage via Yvonne Design

6a00d8354bd35a53ef010536b437aa970c-640wi blooms by martha andrews image via Blooms by Martha Andrews

007546-R01-018 allison eventsimage via Alison Events

3333888890_a73f88cff6_b harvey designimage via Harvey Designs

ACF1A5 our labor of love by heidiimage via Our Labor of Love by Heidi

adrienne gunde 2image via Adrienne Gunde Photography

6a00d8354bd35a53ef00e55214ffcf8833-640w blooms by martha andrewsiimage via Blooms by Martha Andrews

bouqdrop datura a modern gardenimage via Datura

blooms by martha andrews  image via Blooms by Martha Andrews

carn-purse branching out events dallasimage via Branching Out Events

flowersanddress-kyleandsara-blogdesIMG_0108 lane dittoeimage via Lane Dittoe

orange-tulip-bouquet-purple-orange-wedding-580x435 the sweetest occasion and flourish designsimage via The Sweetest Occasion and Flourish

SJ-lg-1 mondo floral designs auimage via Mondo Floral Designs

What do you think? I think I have some new favorites!

Hope you have a great weekend! All my guys are coming home from camp today…one of them comes home as a new driver (he turned 16 at camp)! Meet you back here on Monday…

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