Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fern Frenzy

Do you love the look of the fern in these bouquets as much as I do?

6a01127918a34b28a40133f22b1626970b-800wi holly chapple flowersimage via Holly Chapple Flowers

w8443430281 julie mikos photoimage via Julie Mikos Photography

ZJP005 jen kroll photographyimage via Jen Kroll Photography


Thanks for stopping by today. I got a kick out of your comment yesterday, Never A Plain Jane. You obviously know me well. I wasn’t so much “pleading the case” for acacia as trying to present a variety of flowers for my readers…loved your comment:)

Who knows…maybe I’ll write a post on Baby’s Breath…that would really throw you for a loop!

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Never A Plain Jane said...

Haha! Speaking of baby's breath, I actually think a bouquet made out of nothing but BB would be really beautiful. Perhaps the same goes for acacia...Your new blog challenge is to find new ways to use "filler" flowers. Ready set go!

Now to rib on Jenny - what's this blog business? I want to read your blog.