Friday, July 23, 2010

Here’s What Makes My Day…

...realizing that Botanical Brouhaha might actually be serving a purpose in the blogging world that I had envisioned for it…

When I started the Brouhaha, I wanted to find and share the work of amazing floral designers with those planning a wedding or party…or decorating a home or garden. AND I wanted to share inspiring floral designs with other floral designers…which might sound strange…but when you’re busy designing, running a business and meeting with clients, you have very little time to seek out inspiration…and creativity can run dry without inspiration. While owning a floral design studio, I struggled with having enough time to do everything…so I’d hoped to do the time consuming job of seeking out amazing floral designers and their work…and sharing them with other designers.

To my delight, I’ve had several floral designers email me to say how much they enjoy the blog, some brides-to-be email for advice and various requests for flower information.

Then today I saw this…and it made my day!

NewYearsFlowerLove_0180 art with natureimage via Art With Nature 

Keep reading…I actually wrote two posts today…and you don’t want to miss the one post I never thought I’d write…about Baby’s Breath!


Never A Plain Jane said...

You absolutely deserve that recognition. Congratulations! And thanks for my baby's breath bouquets and more. That garland is so romantic! Can't you just see that with twinkling white lights wrapping a stair banister at Christmas? Or maybe a baby's breath table runner with nestling Easter Eggs for a holiday brunch. I'm surprised to discover I might have a new decor flower!

Denise said...

I can so relate to your post!!! I know exactly what you mean - it's so hard to do it all and stay inspired. You do beautiful work and inspire many! BTW- so funny you should write about baby's breath. I was just researching images for a client. I love it by itself. Keep up the great work!