Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Round Or Straight?

Which do you prefer?

5-red-wedding-ideassnippet and inkimage via Snippet and Ink

6a00e55225716d88330133f1c640fa970b anne sage.comimage via The City Sage

6a010534a9832e970b0120a7bf8187970b-500wi  yvonne designimage via Yvonne Design

21 JL Designsimage via JL Designs

028 Mi Belle Inc. Photographyimage via Mi Belle Wedding Photography

24190025 laurie aronsimage via Laurie Arons

3812444569_65e27a09c0_ocaroline tran     image via Caroline Tran Photography

Asiel Design 1 The Hidden Garden blog - Asiel Designsimage via Hidden Garden and Asiel Designs

cimg0735-copy mark's gardenimage via Mark’s Garden

hollywood-wedding-photo-39 carline tranimage via Caroline Tran Photography

jcw_6 edmund prietoimage via Edmund Prieto Photography

lovett_hall_wedding22 jessica johnston photographyimage via Jessica Johnston Photography

sarah_yates_photgoraphy_steve_kelly_023 sarah yates photoimage via Sarah Yates Photography

shs8 salt harbor designsimage via Salt Harbor Designs

sonia_pankit_details110 jsutin marantz photo image via Justin Marantz Photography

Winkel_0724 amorology first comes loveimage via Amorology

I’m definitely drawn to the long, long rectangular tables. What about you?


Jenny said...

oh my goodness. All of these are amazing. With blogging these days showing all these grand things, it's getting harder and harder for regular people to manage expectations of their own weddings ;-)

As always, I love the look of long tables.

Erratt Family said...

Amen, Jenny. And I choose straight! And outside! (Yes, I know that wasn't part of the question)

Never A Plain Jane said...

I adore the way impact of those long tables, especially that pink and blue spread by Yvonne Designs. But, when it comes to the logistics of mingling with guests and making sure everybody can chit-chat comfortably round tables just seem like the best way to go.

JoyVer said...

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