Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Gazebo, Huppah And Altar Canopy Flowers

Any of you floral designers get frustrated with the ruts of floral design? Let me explain…meeting with a bride that has definite “out of the box” ideas about her wedding flowers can be blissful…meeting with a bride who wants the same old thing she’s seen a hundred times before (i.e. votive  candles and rose petals on square mirrors)…not so blissful. Gazebos seem to beg many brides for a garland of greenery with a few blooms tucked in here and there….but that’s only because they can’t envision anything else…the garland is familiar. The floral designers who created these gazebo, huppah and altar canopy flowers put a smile on my face…

6a010534a9832e970b010536e168c9970c  yvonne designimage via Yvonne Design

15 JL Designs 1image via JL Designs

andrena photoimage via Andrena Photography

ceremony3 beautiful blomsimage via Beautiful Blooms

archway-decorated-with-citrus-Oregom-Gardens-Françoise-Weeksimage via Francoise Weeks

IMG_0269-590x885 absolutely lovedimage via Absolutely Loved

img_2445 adrienne gundeimage via Adrienne Gunde Photography

IMG_4568 la tee da flowersimage via La Tee Da Flowers

mnp_5177 the treasured petalimage via The Treasured Petal

priy_02image via Andrena Photography

Hope these design made you smile, too!

Happy Tuesday…

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Jenny said...

uh, amazing. I want to design something that awesome! love your comment about "not so blissful"