Thursday, September 23, 2010

‘Circus’ Roses

Yellow centers with red tipped petals…lively and full of attitude…

4C0B00985_20090603_lg calyx flowersimage via Calyx Flowers

05 vallentyne photoimage via Vallentyne Photography

6a00e552795b9d883301157102954f970b-800wi karen wise photoimage via Karen Wise Photography

0007 modern bouquetimage via Modern Bouquet

013_primary flowers on marsimage via Flowers on Mars

lizbrian_316 michael daigian flowersimage via Michael Daigian Flowers

ck14 adrienne gunde photoimage via Adrienne Gunde Photography and Art With Nature

slide11a mandy scott flowersimage via Mandy Scott Flowers


And one of my personal favorites…

e54 studio pure 7image via Pure 7 Studios

What? You don’t have an outfit like that? Bet you could whip one up by the weekend!

Happy Thursday…


Never A Plain Jane said...

Damn skippy I could whip that up! I love these! Did we ever work with them?

On a different note, I now have a yard. With rose bushes. Amy, how the heck do I care for rose bushes? I think one might have died last week. Can you add a segment? It could be called "How does your garden grow" and you could tell me how to care for stuff and how to clip it for arrangements at home, and you could feature gardens you love. It is an awesome idea that would totally help me out so you're welcome.

Erratt Family said...

I like that idea! I would love to know how to help out my garden...

But I also love those circus roses, especially paired with the red-throated callas (not sure of the official name for those).