Monday, September 20, 2010

Green And Gold

This weekend our (very funny and very beautiful) niece visited from Baylor and I had a blast looking at pictures with her…of her adorable house and her roommates/Kappa sorority sisters. So today’s post is a little Baylor-ish in honor of Em…

3 snippet and inkimage via Snippet and Ink

nelsond-a273 sasha souzaimage via Sasha Souza

san_diego_wedding_photographer_sarah_yates_junia_andres03 sarah yatesimage via Sarah Yates Photography

SN30millie holloamnimage via Millie Holloman Photography

image via W. Scott Chester Photography

     Love you Em…

Happy Monday!


Erratt Family said...

I'm obviously a little biased...but I love it!! Even if they were'nt Baylor's colors, I have always though that Green and "Gold" look good together.

Never A Plain Jane said...

I made a green and gold garter once... I also attended my first Tampa wedding show this weekend. It was fun and I met some neat people but oh how I miss you and the aesthetic of Bliss.

Emily McGee said...

AUNT AMY!!!!! This just made my day! Sorry it has taken so long for me to comment on this but I love it!!! Sic em bears :)