Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I’m usually not a big fan of sunflowers…unless you’re talking about a giant field of them…

Field_of_Sunflowers_Kentucky …but look at these designs…sunflowers never looked so good!

43 megan w photo blog

44 megan w photo blog

5 megan w photo blog images above via Megan W Photography

Screen-shot-2010-09-02-at-11.01.18-AM beautiful blooms

Screen-shot-2010-09-02-at-11.04.27-AM beautiful bloomsimages above via Beautiful Blooms

How do you feel about sunflowers?

Have a great Wednesday!


Never A Plain Jane said...
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Never A Plain Jane said...

Meh.Sunflowers don't do it for me either; even in the images above. Good thing you also posted some Preston Bailey to cleanse my palette.

~My Fleur Journey~ said...

LOL.. ve to agree with Never a Plain Jane, I don't think I will ever like sunflowers..

Jenny said...

I actually used some cut straight out the field this weekend with orange and red dahlias. They added the perfect pop of color.