Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Working Designer Wednesday: Presentation of Personal Flowers

Ever wondered how other designers package bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages for presentation to the bridal party?

I realized when I began looking at my portfolio that I never took pictures of my boutonnieres and corsages in their packaging because I live in Texas where the high temperatures kept me in constant fear of them wilting. We made the bouts, immediately put them in the floral cooler, transferred them to a portable cooler minutes before leaving for the wedding and removed them from the cooler minutes before pinning them on the wedding party. While researching boutonniere presentation ideas, I fell in love with these…

jessmichaelIMG_8436 jessamyn harris photoimage via Jessamyn Harris Photography

jodienathan6 JL Designsimage via JL Designs

pameddiewed-323 style me prettyimage via Style Me Pretty

Picture 17 allison eventsimage via Alison Events

PS 36 cori cook floral designimage via Cori Cook Floral Design

Sabrina Portfolio 04 La Partie Eventsimage via La Partie Events

tiffwill_blog-153 La Partie Eventsimage via La Partie Events

Berman-03 laryl laneimage via Lauryl Lane

img_10 lila b designimage via Lila B Design

ja_blog0012 w. scott chesterimage via W. Scott Chester Photography

wine_015 w. scott chester photoimage via W. Scott Chester Photography

Amazing, right?  Now let’s look at some bouquets…

I usually transported bouquets in thick cylinder vases…with wide bases for stability, a band of matching ribbon and a nametag. I like this presentation because it highlights the flowers and the vases tend to fade into the background. My presentation usually looked something like this…

DSC_0051 edit

DSC_0065 edit

200edit  images via Bliss Flower Studio

Apparently, glass vases and jars are popular choices for presenting bouquets…

1003046636_7QYc8-L april flowersimage via April Flowers

guava duo bliss in bloomimage via Bliss in Bloom

kristin_chad58 justin marantz photoimage via Justin Marantz Photography

mahshie11 paul johnson photoimage via Paul Johnson Photography

Any of you present your bouquets in a different way? Send me a photo…I’d love to see it! What about labeling the bouquets? Look at these…

lila-b-wedding-bouquet-move-photography-001-3 lila b designimage via Lila B Design

DSC_0003 small stump blogspotimage via Studio Choo

img_8 lila b designimage via Lila B Design

What about transporting the bouquets? Francoise Weeks says, “For transportation of bouquets, centerpieces, pew arrangements, etc, I use very sturdy plastic bins that I bought at a restaurant supply store. They work like a charm.”

Here’s another idea…

0012 Camelback flower shop image via Camelback Flower Shop

And what about other personal flowers? I once did a wedding where the flower girls carried ballet slippers filled with blooms. We packaged them in a ribbon-wrapped gift box…

DSC_0115 edit image via Bliss Flower Studio

Now, let’s talk. Each Wednesday, I’m planning to address a different question emailed to me by a working designer…today’s topic  was suggested by a designer in Arizona. My hope is that designers will use these posts as a forum to share ideas, help and information with each other. Please feel free to leave a comment, send me an email with photos of your work as it pertains to the post or email a question for a future post.

Have a great Wednesday!


Francoise Weeks said...

Fabulous! I love those ballet slippers filled with blooms!

Liz said...

I always deliver my bouquets in glass cylinder vases as well - and I also wrap a matching ribbon around it! :) Great minds think alike! Gorgeous shots from Bliss Flowers Studio, btw ;)

sepal and twig said...

This is a great post! I have made flowers for only two weddings and must admit to struggling to find an attractive way to present and transport the flowers. Next time I will have some great ideas, thanks :)

Stacie said...

My "utilitarian" solution for transporting centerpieces are 34"x15"x5.5" Rubbermaid tubs that I've fitted with sheets of foam (get them at fabric stores or Fred Meyer). We used a hot knife to make approx 5" circles (6 per tub)and because the foam is flexible, almost any sized vessel fits snugly in (use extra packing material for smaller bases). They ride really nicely AND keep the inevitable spills contained!

Jan said...

Amy - you rock - thanks for another great post - I deliver my bouquets in cylinder vases also - but use the dishwasher trays for glasses from a local restaurant supply place to transport them in - the vases fit perfectly in the tray - and it is so easy to bring in 5 plus bouquets into the ceremony site. Hope this is helpful!!!!

~My Fleur Journey~ said...

Love this post, I did buy cylinder vases for the bridal and 4 bridesmaids' bouquets, but went into a huge panic at 2am before the wedding trying to figure out how to pack them, let's just say it was a miracle they all arrive the hotel suite safely without any dropping to the floor.

Not exactly about the packaging, but instead of putting a little tag for each bouquet, I sewn on 2 little silver letters on the ribbon of each bouquet, it's the initials of the bride and bridesmaids so it feels personalised..

Never A Plain Jane said...

I think that Lila B has my number - I loved the photos feature her work!

I also adore Stacie's foam packing idea My Fleur Journey's plan for identifying and personalizing bouquets.

Amy, you are so awesome. We are all so lucky to have you and this wonderful resource you've created!