Monday, April 4, 2011

Lady’s Slipper Orchids

…because Tracy (AKA Great Flower Lady) from Park Place Design loves them…and so do I…

36877_413622604659_78329639659_4302456_5780524_n stoneblossomimage via Stoneblossom

196636_10150162556721388_28184761387_8036129_5868670_n floral artimage via Floral Art

events_best_of_bay04 sharla flock designsimage via Sharla Flock Design

flora bella studio mn11image via Floral Bella

msphotocabo-27-c8-55ec2b sasha souzaimage via Sasha Souza

solomon bloemen19image via Solomon Bloemen

And these make me giddy…

1 studio chooimage via Studio Choo

DSC_0048 small stump blogspotimage via Studio Choo

Excited to start a new week with my flower friends…

Have a great Monday!



Great flower lady said...

OHHH my fav!! they really are. Thanks for the shout out have a blessed week~

Mimi said...

Another wonderful post Amy! Love the slipper orchid. Can't wait to make a bridal bouquet with them. Thanks for always highlighting the work of such talented floral designers.

Janet said...

Those lady slippers from Studio Choo are out of this world!