Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day

ACF1FD4 justin marantz photo

image via Justin & Mary Marantz 

jeans_and_a_red_tshirt dandelion ranch

image via Dandelion Ranch

monark events and pure 7 studio

image via Monark Events and Pure 7 Studios

Today, I am thinking if this book…


…if you haven’t read Lone Survivor, I hope you will. You will be moved…and gain a new appreciation for those that give up so much to ensure our freedom.

Thank you, Marcus…


Great flower lady said...

LOVE the red, white, blue, ONLY if it is done right.. Love the pics.. Have a good one.

Kate (floret cadet) said...

I love this post - so cute! I have always thought it was really hard to do red, white and blue flowers well!