Monday, May 9, 2011

Let’s Pretend…

…you’re getting married…and these are your choices for the ceremony site. Which would you choose?

_DSC0117 planet flowers

image via Planet Flowers

CE_2 three petals

image via Three Petals

ceremony1 fleurs nyc

image via Fleurs 

DSC_0384 white lilac inc

image via White Lilac Inc.

Event_03 preston bailey

image via Preston Bailey

Leanne_and_Drew_by_Azzura_10  flora nova seattle

image via Azzura Photography and Flora Nova 

Pan_Pacific_Seattle_2_11_10 celeste cooning paper cutout

image via Azzura Photography and Celeste Cooning

puerto_vallarta_wedding_sarah_yates photo

image via Sarah Yates Photography

SMP10 millie holloman and salt harbor designs

image via Millie Holloman Photography and Salt Harbor Designs

Weddings_in_Woodinville_2011_06 faux fur covered couches

image via Azzura Photography

Be sure to check out the Celeste Cooning website for some amazing cutwork. I can’t decide between the beach and the Preston Bailey forest of trees! What about you?

By the way, thanks to all who left comments or sent emails in response to my post on Friday. I’m amazed at the love and encouragement sent by friends I’ve only “met” on the web. Thanks for stopping by today…hope your week is off to a great start!


Never A Plain Jane said...

Number 3! Makes me think of Downtown 202. But I won't be sad if someone wants to add those floating orchids by Three Petals.

Erratt Family said...

I would choose either #3 or the Preston Bailey tree setting...but maybe on a more intimate scale.

Laurie (Fleurie) said...

I love the beach setting.

Katie Pollard said...

Three!! I'm getting married in June, and our reception venue looks very similar. Exposed brick, etc. On top of that, I'm kind of obsessed with purple, and that picture is just incredibe.

Denise said...

Tough one. I like the one from salt harbor designs. Seems very calm.