Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Working Designer Wednesday: Floral Preservative

Let’s talk about conditioning our flowers…after all, if they aren’t properly conditioned, they aren’t much good for arranging. I know every designer has his/her preferences and I’ll share mine if you promise to share yours!

My favorite conditioning products include:

1. Quick Dip

quick dip

~Reduces water stress on cut flowers.

~Helps prevent premature bending, wilting, and stem plugging. Ready-to-use, no-mix, citric-acid solution. Just dip bottom 2" of flower stems into solution for one second prior to placing in Floralife Fresh Flower Food.

2. Floralife Crystal Clear Flower Food

crystal clear

~Mix 4 pumps to one gallon of water

~Makes 240 quarts

~No waiting for the powder to dissolve with this solution

3. Floralife Clear Crowning Glory

crowning glory

~spray-on liquid shield for cut flowers, foliage greens, and both needle and broad-leafed evergreens. Keeps designed vase or foam arrangements fresher, maximizing their beauty.

Now, I hope you’ll share your favorite conditioning products…I’m interested to see what everyone else uses…

Have a great Wednesday!


Great flower lady said...

I use all the same stuff, I have been also using Hawaiian mist. Really another great product. Also for gerber dasiys tablets. Forgot the name off hand BUT its like Viagra for them.. keeps them stiff and straight..

Never A Plain Jane said...

And never ever confuse your quick dip with your flower food. Oh those poor burnt hydrangeas!

Dana said...

I use the exact same things but i skip the floral food sometimes...for weddings... should i not do that? the flowers seem to be fine.. would the food help the roses open faster?

Anonymous said...

have you seen crowning glory in the aerosol can?? amazing! Also we use a lot of hydraflor! It works wonders!

Laurie (Fleurie) said...

Great products, use all except I have not tried the liquid Crystal Clear- will do as soon as the bucket runs out. Use the Quick Dip all the time, its a miracle-worker on many of the flowers from the garden that wilt so easy.

Janet said...

I use Hydraplus, Floralife Crystal Clear, and Finishing Touch Spray. They've been very good to me. I've discontinued using Aquahold - it seemed to muddy the water quicker!