Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Working Designer Wednesday: Floral Cooler Care

Now here’s a blah subject…but, I think it might be worth discussing because I’m realizing how many florists have questions about their coolers…let’s face it, we would all rather spend our time designing than cleaning the walls of the cooler, right? So, let’s just hit the basics first…then you can email me with your own ideas and personal tales of cooler care…

1. Make sure the temperature inside your cooler stays between 34-36 degrees with 90% relative humidity.

2. Clean the inside walls, floor and shelves once/week. I know some people use a weak bleach/water solution to clean the cooler and others use a commercial cleaner like DCD. What do you use?

3. Do not store food in the cooler…especially fruits as they produce ethylene gas that shortens the life of cut flowers.

4. Change the preservative solution in your flower buckets regularly…at least every three days.

5.  Remove dead/dying flowers and foliage from cooler promptly.

6. Clean buckets and vases after every use.

Ok, here’s the part where you agree or disagree with my list…and leave us comments full of insightfulness on cooler care.

vfGetInspired_SlideShow_22 rountree flowers

image via Rountree Flowers

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Poppies = Happiness

Can’t imagine looking at this flower and not smiling…

02t  tic tock floral

image via Tic Tock Couture Florals and Kris Kan

037 honey and poopies

image via Honey and Poppies

006668-R1-E021 flowerwild

image via Flowerwild and Jose Villa Photography

sarahwinward2 ea

image via Honey of a Thousand Flowers

creamblue-11 studio choo

image via Studio Choo

DSCN1533 wildstyle designs

image via Wildstyle Designs

FourSeasonsSantaBarabaWedding012 SR Hogue floral and jasmine star

image via S.R. Hogue & Co and Jasmine Star Photography

IMG_0980a heavenly blooms

image via Heavenly Blooms

poppies michael george

image via Michael George

IMG_7998-Edit  fleur de di

image via Fleuri De Di

orange1 mckenzie powell

image via McKenzie Powell

Picture 192 clementine posy

image via Clementine Posy

Sue_Naegle_2.3.10 dandelion ranch

image via Dandelion Ranch

I have another post today, so keep reading….a little inspiration for Liz (Fleurology). And, I know the text is all off-center…one of the things I love about computers…it’s centered in the draft…go figure!


Grey + Yellow

…for my sweet friend Liz at Fleurology

6  bows and arrows dallas

image via Bows and Arrows

6a01127918a34b28a401538de2c7c6970b-800wi holly chapple

image via Holly Heider Chapple Flowers

belmont2 bows and arrows

image via Bows and Arrows

blush floral design and carla van e

image via Blush Floral Design and Carla Ten Eyck Photography


image via Denise Fasanello 

KPP_Mallory_Pat_002 punch portland

image via Punch 

kristinbrigham5 JL Designs

image via JL Designs

lisa171_blog  La Partie Events

image via La Partie Events

love and splendor 4

love and splendor 6

love and splendor2

images via Love and Splendor

tm032  courtenay lambert florals

image via Courtenay Lambert Florals

Yellow-and-Gray-Wedding-2 style me pretty

image via Style Me Pretty

yellow-white-wedding-bouquet-billy-balls-dandelion-wine-unique-favor-ideas-vintage-books-modern-wedding-style-580x435 the sweetest occasion

image via The Sweetest Occasion

modern beach wedding pewter and yellow bouquets heavenly blooms

image via Heavenly Blooms

I know these aren’t flower pictures, but don’t you love them?

micasaessucasa dot tumblr dot com

image via Mi Casa Es Su Casa

yellow   grey tracery100_0067

image via Tracery

Have a great day, Liz!


Monday, August 29, 2011

Color Inspiration: Sunny Yellow

…because that’s all I’ve known this summer with temperatures soaring over 100 degrees for nearly 50 consecutive days…yesterday we hit an August record high of 109…so, let’s celebrate the sun with some amazing flowers…

1 (38) bloomersflowers.blogspot

image via Bloomers Flowers

-3  floral occasions

image via Floral Occasions

004 into the woods chicago

image via Into the Woods

6a01127918a34b28a4014e6071d3b5970c-800wi holly chapple

image via Holly Heider Chapple Flowers

6a01127918a34b28a40133f224733a970b-800wi Nancy Lui Chin

image via Nancy Liu Chin

6a01127918a34b28a40147e34dfae7970b-800wi tisha at grapewine floral

image via Grapevine Floral

034lindsaydino_casa-romantica-san-clemente_1414  krista jon

image via Krista Jon

39290ju76-E023 lane dittoe

image via Lane Dittoe

061110_k_k_0250 tantawan

image via Tantawan Bloom

Aileen_Scott_Wedding_006 precious pear

image via Precious Pear

DSC_0047 small stump blogspot

image via Studio Choo

IBT_La-Partie_19-720x532_blog La Partie Events

image via La Partie Events

image9 bella flora

image via Bella Flora

IMG_0003 flora fauna

image via Flora Fauna

Hope it’s cooler where you are! Thanks for starting off your week with me…you know how I love it when you visit…

Friday, August 26, 2011

Which Bouquet?

The Dress…

wedding dress 00060m elie saab

…from Elie Saab

The Bouquet…

Bouquet #1 (La Partie Events)

La Partie Events_Smith Bouquet

Bouquet #2 (Birch Blooms)

I_do_redo-51 birch blooms

Bouquet #3 (Flowerwild)


Which would you choose?

Hope you have a great weekend! I feel like we’ve been heavy on words this week, so get ready for lots and lots of flowers and only a few words next week….

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Visiting Françoise Weeks’ Workshop Part 2

…continued from yesterday…as told by Laurie of Fleurie

On day two, we talked about wedding decoration and Françoise showed us how to make the
sweetest woodland cone arrangements. All of us were very excited to make these fun pieces
to decorate chairs, pews, or shepherd hooks. We all reached for that papery bark to cover the cone,
but that is where the similarities ended.

lauries cone IMG_4571

6 closeup francoise workshop IMG_4574

For mine, I just had to put in an interesting stick and a sisal nest
of berzillia berry eggs. The pinkish silver plant is a succulent from Françoise's shelf of succulents,
houseplants and ferns.

Jessicas coneIMG_4581

by Jessica

6b IMG_03291-375x500[1]

by Elizabeth

6c francoiseIMG_4563

by Natalie

I love how everyone's version was so different.  Françoise didn't teach us to copy
hers. She wanted us to make it our own…with our own creativity.

7 francoiseIMG_4548

…a vase arrangement demonstrated using a method of interlocking the stems so as not to have it
move in transport. Love the interesting elements like poppy pods, green berries and curly garlic she
adds to her designs.

7A francoiseIMG_4546

…a large urn arrangement using berry foliage, dill, tomatillo, spray roses, dahlias and poke-weed.

7 b francoiseIMG_4553

…my version of the large arrangement, using a tall trumpet vase, crossing the stems at a higher
point to make the arrangement as wide as possible. I used the materials from the urn arrangement
above to reconstruct into this one.

On to Day 3, and more new flowers and plants. Françoise had been to the flower market early in the
morning and purchased more beautiful goodies. A new supply of houseplants were on the shelf. She
purchases plants, not to sell, but to use for their leaves and flowers.

8 francoiseIMG_4588

8 a francoiseIMG_4591

8 b francoiseIMG_4594

8 d francoiseIMG_4590

8 dd francoiseIMG_4599

So many beautiful flowers and foliages- how were we to choose?

Today's lesson was Whimsical and Woodland bridal bouquets and floral purses! We were anxious to
start. Giddy really. The technique she used for this was very detailed for each type of arrangement;
using colorful wire, sisal, feathers and beaded wire to decorate the Whimsical; moss, foliages, sticks,
grasses, feathers and minimal flowers for the Woodland.

9 francoiseIMG_4623

9 a francoiseIMG_4625

9b francoiseIMG_4633

Three of us made the Whimsical version, and Jessica decided on a clutch purse and a hairpiece to
match. All such works of art. Time again flew by quickly. Time for one more little project…
some boutonnieres.

10 francoiseIMG_4636

Woodland boutonniere and spray rose boutonniere

The class was over, no one was ready to leave. But leave we must. It was a great three days
of exploring new techniques, learning new uses for everyday products, using wonderful
plant materials, getting to know new flower-friends. All of us had different experience levels,
backgrounds, and styles, but Françoise wove her magic over us and the flowers, made us all into a
cohesive interesting arrangement, at first a small group of strangers, by Day 3, a small group of new

I want to thank Françoise for her kindness and hospitality. Her studio is the perfect place to learn,
grow and be inspired to new levels. I'd also like to thank Amy for bringing us together. Your topics
and selections are always interesting and inspiring, and a great way to explore other designers’

Thank you , thank you!


I can’t thank Laurie enough for taking the time to document her trip and share it with all of us. If you are interested in signing up for one of Françoise’s workshops, you can find her schedule here. If you need advice on lodging and eateries near Françoise’s studio, let me know and I’ll forward your request on to Laurie or Françoise.  Hope you have a great Thursday!