Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Working Designer Wednesday: Mixed Bag

I’m getting a late start this morning, but here are some things I’ve been meaning to share with you…

Holly Chapple introduced me to two amazing roses from Harvest

‘Lady Moon’

IMG_3324 Lady Moon rose from Harvest via Holly Chapple


IMG_3340 Snowball by Harvest via Holly Chapple

Garden Party Flowers uses the gorgeous ‘Peach Finesse’ rose…

5521159671_dc37fde556 peach finesse rose garden party flowers

Love the beautiful Japanese rose ‘Mokomoko’ from Bloom Japan

67c4096c292247ebb6f3a72f750ef39f_7 Beautiful Japanese Rose ‘Mokomoko’ bllom japan

Love the color of ‘Quicksand’ found at Flora Fauna

P1010414 quicksand rose flora fauna

What about this interesting peony/rose petal combo from Granville Island Florist?

101 granville island florist

Never seen anything like this…from DFW Events…thanks Rene’ and Tillie for introducing me to this site!

6150037891_fb45bdd7c4_z dfw events

I accidently left this pumpkin photo from Jessica’s Country Flowers out of yesterday’s post…and I do love it!

Joyelle_090919_378 jessica's country flowers

A business card I adore from Lauryl Lane


A fun series of photos showing the progression while designing a centerpiece by Pixie Petals

pixies petals part 1downsized_0226001217

pixies petals part 2downsized_0226001257

pixies petals part 2downsized_0226001445

And, finally, my friend Holly Chapple wrote a great post this week about the responsibility we have as floral designers in the wedding industry to provide extraordinary service with an attitude of love, gratitude and humility. I would encourage you to read it here. I couldn’t agree more, Holly…

Happy Wednesday!

P.S. I noticed this morning that I have over 100 followers! Thank you for reading BB and leaving comments and sending emails. I’m blessed every day by the people I meet through this blog and it still excites me to write a post every single day.


Dandelion said...

Good Morning,
I just wanted to reply to your lovely comment about having over 100 followers and that you love all the feedback you get.
I am a small florist in Melbourne, Australia and love nearly every morning turning on my computer and waiting to see the lovely things that you post. I have been exposed to so many lovely websites through your blog and love your 'which bouquet?' page also.
I hope you have a lovely day.
Much love and petals,

Bella Lula Flowers said...

Please keep posting!This is the first blog I check every morning. I'm a new designer and the inspiration,knowledge, and yummy visual gifts have had a huge impact on my growth. I am thankful and you are much appreciated!

Caley said...

Congratulations Amy, keep it up!!!