Monday, November 7, 2011


101030_a&a_00536_Small flowerwild

image via Flowerwild

_MG_3449-Edit branches

image via Branches


image via Amy Merrick

438 birch san francisco

image via Birch

_MG_3470-Edit branches

image via Branches

101030_a&a_00557_Small flowerwild

image via Flowerwild

6147216719_ec402b1a1d_b saipua

image via Saipua

b17 simply bloom photo

image via Simply Bloom Photography

IMG_1478 little pheasant

image via Denise Fasanello

IMG_8773 stephanie karen photography

image via Stephanie Karen Photography

park placeDSC_0564-1

image via Park Place Design

tribal chic bouquet zest

image via Zest

Happy Monday!

P.S. If you’re just starting your floral design business, this week’s Wednesday post is for you. Kate from Floret Cadet will be guest blogging on Botanical Brouhaha…and giving pointers on naming your business (or your “baby”, as she calls it)!



Great flower lady said...

Thanks for the shout out.. next to the lady slipper this is one of my fav!!

Janet said...

ah, I love sarracenia.