Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Working Designer Wednesday: Helping A Fellow Designer

I often receive emails from fellow designers asking “flower” questions. Some of the questions I can answer easily and others require me to call on my flower friends for assistance. I received one of the tough questions this week and need your help. Tina asked:

I have been asked to create a tall tree for a lobby display. Using a 12 ft tree stump that I have, I’ll re-create a tree, using curly willow branches with a bundle load of flowers flowing out of the tree as well.  Now, regarding the base, I plan on having a large steel base made so the stump fits into it.  I can then anchor that more with heavy blocks.  But the top is confusing me a great deal.  I can imagine the whole thing toppling over or the oasis being ripped into pieces.  Does anyone out there have experience creating trees?  I need to figure out a strong way to hold everything up there.


Since I’ve never built a similar tree, I’m really hoping some of the talented designers that read Botanical Brouhaha will chime in and give Tina some advice. Then, when she builds her gorgeous sturdy tree, she can take pictures and we’ll all share in the excitement of her success.

And, since we can’t have a post without flower pictures, let’s check out some flower trees…

21 tantawan bloom

061010_kksshow_0081 tantawan

tree tantawan

images above via Tantawan Bloom

bakes and baldwin floral co

image via Bakes and Baldwin Floral Company

flower tree 31prestonbailey5

flower treeEvent_03-preston-bailey4

images above via Preston Bailey

flower treeDSC_0384-white-lilac-inc5

image via White Lilac Inc.

Now it’s up to you! Please leave your advice in the form of a comment or email your response to me at and I’ll forward it to Tina. Thanks for your help…

Help is on the way, Tina!


Great flower lady said...

I think I would use mazanita branches in all different sizes and drill holes in your base and the Maz. secure with wing nuts and attache to stump, add willow as needed. Making sure both sides a distributed weigh wise even.. HAVE fun wish I could help!!

Kate (floret cadet) said...

I just wanted to say that tree by Tantawan Blooms is stunning! (I wish I had advice or experience about making a tree like that!)