Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Working Designer Wednesday: Kudos To Our Flower Friends

Two of my favorite “flower girls” have accomplished giant feats recently and I’m so excited for them…so I have to share!

Holly of Holly Heider Chapple Flowers has one of her bouquets featured on the cover of Southern Living Weddings! 

image holly chapplen  on the cover!

If you don’t know Holly, you need to follow her blog. You can also follow her on Facebook or Twitter. You will be amazed by this woman! She juggles her thriving floral design studio (with an amazing team of designers), her family of 9 (soon to be 10 because she will be MOG soon), and her love of mentoring other designers with such precision that I’m often left scratching my head and wondering how she does it all. Above all, Holly cares. She cares deeply for her family, of course. But, she also cares deeply about her profession and maintaining a standard of excellence when dealing with clients. Holly is a rarity (even though she would have no idea what I’m talking about because she assumes everyone cares the way she does).  She’s a rarity because she cares enough to reach out to other designers and encourage them…and build relationships with them…without feeling threatened by their success. She’s an awesome cheerleader with a hilarious sense of humor. So…I’m tickled pink every time I see her work published because she is so deserving, yet so humble and approachable. I’m blessed to know and love this woman! Congrats on the cover, Holly!

Here’s one of my favorite pictures of Holly presenting a beautiful bouquet to a beautiful bride…


The other kudos goes to Erin at Floret Flowers. Erin is not only an amazing designer, but also a flower grower…and her blog posts will take your breath away! Day after day, I read her posts and drool over the photos of her flower farm (her photography skills are right up there with her designing skills). Erin is also a mother and you can feel her passion for her family and her flowers in every post. Above all, Erin brings an honesty to her blog posts that I adore. She features “real” glimpses into life on her farm alongside beautifully photographed bouquets. Check out one of my favorite posts here…and you’ll see what I mean!

So why am I congratulating Erin? Because she is featured in Victoria Magazine this month! I love this issue of Victoria and look forward to it every year…the Entrepreneur Special Issue showcasing women who are turning their passions into businesses. Hope you’ll grab a copy. You won’t be disappointed. Congrats, Erin…from all of us who are inspired by your passion!

floret07092011 11876

floret07092011 11881

floret07092011 11886

Hope you have a great Wednesday!

Live inspired…


Tracy Huntley said...

You have chosen two very gifted women to showcase today! I am so happy for them both. And I love to check out their beautiful websites and blogs!!!
Tracy, Springwell Gardens

Francoise Weeks said...

Congratulations to Holly and Erin! How exciting for both of you!!!

Floret Flowers said...

thank you, thank you !!

Mimi said...

Best wishes to Holly and Erin in this new year. Haven't seen Holly's bouquet cover yet, but ran right out to get Victoria Magazine. Very nice piece on Erin and her business.

Denise said...

so well deserved!