Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Lily of the Valley

04emily-patrick-pe049-copy krista jon

image via Krista Jon

DSC_0030 studio choo

image via Studio Choo

DSCN0399 fantasy floral

image via Fantasy Floral

image2 bella flora

image via Bella Flora

IMG_1229 designsinbloom.ca

image via  Designs in Bloom

Jill and Nick 3 Natalie Galasso Designs

image via Natalie Galasso Designs

KPM_9949Arons_500_0475 stanlee gatti designs for laurie amon's wedding

image via Stanlee Gatti Designs for Laurie Arons' wedding

Labbancz0040s-4 royal wedding inspired beautiful blooms

image via Beautiful Blooms Events

lily of the valley, arbor vitae, variegated hosta, and white lilac. the monkey flower group

image via The Monkey Flower Group

Planet Flowers - Rankine Photography - Dundas Castle (2)

image via Planet Flowers

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Gem said...

Thank you so much for sharing one of our images on your blog! That bouquet was such a dream to make with over 250 stems of Lily of the Valley! Beautiful work everyone :)

Shannon/Flourish said...

Good Lord those are expensive bouquets! :)

Amanda Mae said...

WOW! Your post today leaves me longing for spring so I can open my kitchen window and let that lovely aroma slip into the house. What beautiful bouquets!

anastasia said...

Shannon, that was my first thought too! I saw the one from Beautiful Blooms Events on Pinterest the other day and immediately my brain turned into a calculator. Worth every penny--these are darling!

Mimi said...

Love simple bouquets of lily of the valley. And the scent is heavenly!

Janet said...

That sweet little nosegay from the Monkey Flower Group is absolute perfection! LOVE.