Thursday, February 2, 2012

Parasol Love

151 clayton austin photo

image via Clayton Austin Photography

ART_IMG_4103 jennifer skog

image via Jennifer Skog Photography

c10  bunch studio

image via Bunch Studio

Circus_opiefoto_0006 branches

image via Branches

CSP-201-3_2 bouquets of austin

image via Bouquets of Austin

DSC_0610  v white lilac

image via White Lilac Inc.

eurocirque59 JL Designs

image via JL Designs

Flora-Nova-Design-seattle-Newcastle-Golf-wedding-in yellow-flowers (8)

image via Flora Nova 

IMG_2254  verbena floral

image Verbena Floral Design

img_9009-copy yk vision

image via Yasmin Khajavi Photography

image via Bellissima Vita and Apertura

kandFblog-10 lane dittoe

image via Lane Dittoe

KEmery Shade  heavenly blooms

image via Heavenly Blooms

lindsay and joel07 zest

image via Zest and Holland Studios

Manzanita-orchid-trees-Seagrove-wedding-ceremony karen tran

image via Karen Tran and True Photography

umbrella 09_SWS11_Bella_Umbrella_Booth

image via Bella Umbrella and Azzura Photography 


image via Sweet Monday Photography

Winkel_0737 first comes love amorology

image via Amorology

umbrella 110609 Keep Left 8708_DET desire to inspire

image via Desire to Inspire

orange-green-wedding-parasol-rancho-santa-fe-inn aileen tran

image via Aileen Tran and Pam Scott Photography

r. jack balthazar16

image via R. Jack Balthazar 

28 jl designs image via JL Designs

Happy Thursday!

P.S. For those of you who were amazed by the floral chandelier yesterday, you can read Robbie Honey’s post about it here.



~My Fleur Journey~ said...

I just happen to see this most amazing arrangement with a parasol yesterday at

If you scroll down and find the post: Vintage Bridal Shower - Monique and Erik


Nathan Petty said...

Beautiful parasols and beautiful photos!