Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Working Designer Wednesday: American Funeral Designs

I received an email this week that has me in a quandary.  Emelie from Svenska Blomsterbloggar asked:

“I follow loads of blogs written by floral designers and there's one thing that I noticed. Floral designers from America hardly publish any pictures of funeral/sympathy designs. Is it because they don't do that kind of designs ...?

It would be very interesting to see more American funeral/sympathy designs. Maybe you can help me to find some inspiration?”

My initial reaction to Emelie’s email was, “Sure! American floral designers make funeral/sympathy arrangements and I’ll put together a post full of inspiration for you.” But, I’ve got to be honest…I’m having a very difficult time finding enough inspiration to fill up a post. First of all, most of the boutique florists I feature on a regular basis focus mainly on events and weddings. And then, if you try researching on the web, you get mostly floral wire service links, which means nearly all the designs look the same.  Most of the funeral designs fall into these categories: casket sprays, wreaths/crosses, standing/easel sprays, cremation flowers, sympathy bouquets and plants. Nearly all the designs I’ve found are loosely arranged sprays of fairly common blooms…roses, carnations, mums, daisies and lots of greenery. I’m sure there are many unique funeral designs out there…I just can’t find them!

Here are a few designs, Emelie…and I’m calling all Botanical Brouhaha-reading American designers to send me pictures of any inspiring funeral/sympathy designs you have. Hopefully, we can do a follow-up post full of inspiration! So…here we go…

Michael Jackson’s casket spray and altar arrangement…

funeral article-1210979-064864B3000005DC-557_634x424 michael jackson's casket spray

Whitney Houston’s funeral procession…

funeral whitney houston funeral flowers-resized-600 exotic flowers blog

A few other designs…

funeral photo4

image via Sun Flower

funeral 95399l_alt_view2z 1800 flowers

image via 1800 Flowers

funeral HW0_404648 my florist dot com $275.95

image via My Florist

funeral redroseheart_b 100 stems $399.99 chicagofuneralflorist dot com

image via Sun Flower

funeral squareredrosedeluxewreath_b

image via Sun Flower

Ok flower friends, send your pictures to me here:

We’ll be in touch, Emelie…


Svenska Blomsterbloggar said...

Oh, thank you Amy! So far I think I like whitney's best. But I'm so curious to see what the Brouhaha-readers say. Because I'm sure there's lots of beautiful and more creative designs out there!

Again, THANK YOU Amy!
Love Emelie

Anonymous said...

I thought that Whitney Houston's casket cover and large flanking sprays were lovely, classic and elegant. However, I must say that of the photos featured here, I'm drawn to the heart in shades of purple by "My Florist" - a beautiful, modern take on the classic funeral motif.

Anonymous said...

Our florist recommended assorted fall flowers and colors for the casket spray at my father's funeral in August 2007. The casket had a shiny brown metallic finish and the spray did look lovely over the brown.

Chandin said...

I wouldn't want to post any pictures without permission, but there's a 30+ page thread on flower chat about funeral/sympathy work. Lots and lots of pictures there!

Lisa (freelance floral design San Diego) said...

Floral Design Institute's Facebook page (Leanne Kesler)has a thread going on right now concerning funeral/sympathy work. There are lots of pictures being posted.

Sprout said...

I've often hesitated to publish pictures of sympathy flowers as they are so deeply personal and I wouldn't want a grieving family or friend to feel that their loss was being exploited in any way. That said, Spriggs Florist just did a lovely job of highlighting this area of our business in a most tasteful way with their blog post, The Celebration of Life (