Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Working Designer Wednesday: The Face Behind The Design

I am especially enjoying the work of these designers lately…

Melissa Knickle, owner and head designer at Blossom Sweet

blossom sweet utah-photography-48  Melissa Nickle

2  blossom sweet

MPP-5093  blossom sweet

Alicia and Adam Rico, owners of Bows and Arrows

bows and arrows dhome8

1 dma bows and arrows

1 marfa bouquet  bows and arrows

Kim Sanders, owner of Art with Nature

art with nature splash2 kim sanders

2Michelle aaron young photo and art with nature

4Michelle  aaron young photo and art with nature

Eddie Zaratsian, Creative Director for Eddie Zaratsian Custom Florals and Lifestyle

eddie zaratsian 01bw

04aa4 kris kan and eddie zaratsian

14aa4 kris kan and eddie zaratsian

Emily Walters, owner of emmy-ray…and author of Handmaker of Things

emmy-rae IMG_4181

6a0120a8026eb3970b0162fc4957c7970d-800wi handmaker of things

6a0120a8026eb3970b0168e54e1efa970c-650wi handmaker of things

Any designers who are capturing your affections lately?

Hope you have an amazing Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

I'm LOVING that big, colorful bouquet from Bows & Arrows that's very free-form in its design, against the vintage-style lace dress. Gorgeous.

Mimi said...

I'm really enjoying the work of Anuschka Pashel of Bloom by Anuschka.

Emily said...

Thanks so much for including me in your line-up, I just discovered this post. I love Botanical Brouhaha!