Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Working Designer Wednesday: Mixed Bag

It’s that time again…time to share some things I love…some obviously “floral”…others not so much…

1. Shops that make me smile…

189219_145760288821441_145325025531634_286676_1128181_n L'Olivier Floral Atelier image via L’Olivier Floral Atelier

298935_235387003177469_167381256644711_617887_1817924292_n the cale parlour

image via The Cake Parlour

centaurea_reims_par_ via floresie

image via Floresie and Centaurea

2. Floral designers who make me smile…

377610_272236739480543_154806701223548_752748_841702026_n janice of precious pear

Janice at Precious Pear 

388671_231865186889300_145761328833020_496814_2023287460_n hacman floral

Dana at Hacman Floral

526322_3627479487968_1303487761_3456882_1222674291_n liz fleurology

Liz from Fleurology

554174_3248343642147_1073613520_3055634_1380552487_n francoise weeks jaime bosworth photo

Francoise Weeks (photo by Jaime Bosworth Photography)

564807_367481219955108_155753881127844_937048_1911153874_n tracy park

Tracy at Park Place Design 

flower alicia from bows and arrowsa

Alicia of Bows and Arrows

IMG_0696 holly chapple and team

Holly Chapple and her amazing team

3. Chalkboard Backdrops

527865_10151568627260206_134495275205_23822459_517232766_n polka dot bride

image via Polka Dot Bride

4. Unusual Planters

562736_427205573973421_264044300289550_1641709_605312885_n far out flora

image via Far Out Flora

5. The European Garden Courtyard at Restoration Hardware

20110707-bevblvd-slide02 mary dann blogspot restoration hardware gallery

20110707-bevblvd-slide03 mary dann blogspot

6. The garden that makes me feel totally inadequate as a gardener, yet makes my heart race with excitement (and envy)…

1311954171_potager-70-copie my french country home blogspot

image via My French Country Home

7. The coolest belt buckle ever…

il_fullxfull.286924655 mr lentz

image via Mr. Lentz

8. Flowers as card holders…

IMG_0147 art with nature

image via Art with Nature

card holder studio 3 floral design blogspot

image via Studio 3 Floral Design

9. Cori Cook Floral Design work aprons…

IMG_0522 cori cook aprons

IMG_0537 cori cook aprons

10. Using a succulent in a gift wrap…

IMG_0864.42153238_large bo bendana

image via Bo Bendana

See anything here that makes you smile?

Hope your Wednesday is wonderful!


Great flower lady said...

Thanks for the shout out.. Man I can not belive how many wedding/event derringers are out there. It is forever a great growing biz.. I also love all the pro shots they are getting of us.. LOVE all the photos..

Amanda Mae said...

Such a great post today. I love the working designer Wednesdays! Seeing all these happy designers just made my day. Thanks, Amy!

Mimi said...

Lots of cool new sites to explore.

Chandin G. said...

This totally made my day! Thanks for all your hard work on the brouhaha! Always fun and always inspiring!

Laetitia - Fleuriste Troubadoure said...

Hi Amy, great selection! The belt is amazing :o)

Posh said...

Love this post! I know many of the designers you featured and they are wonderful!
Amy, you live in TX? I live in Dallas...I need to meet you! You're blog is great!

Cori Cook Floral Design said...

Thanks for this post! So inspiring! There are so many amazing floral and event businesses out there! Thanks for featuring our aprons (:

Janet said...

It's nice to see so many of my smiling friends up here!