Thursday, June 14, 2012

Large Scale Arrangements

tree of life thumb


I love Tina (Platinum Floral Designs) for sharing this video with us! She and her team created the Tree of Life for the David Foster Miracle Weekend in Victoria. Here’s how she describes the Tree of Life…

“So if you are wondering - it was named the Tree of Life - because the David Foster Foundation helps support children who need organ transplants- the foundation also helps the families that need to be away from home OR lose a job to take care of the children in another city - great foundation - so we hung pictures of the children the foundation has saved and given life to - hence The Tree of Life.  I had 2.5 hours to get this thing in - up and decorated - so you can imagine it was intense - but like I said it was AMAZING.”

And the mechanics?

“Oh goodness - well my husband built a base out of wood - like in an octagon shape - the center octagon shape was taller than the outside - much taller - to hold the trees in place with wet sand - the wooden base was banded for extra support - the outer base was half filled with sand - then a layer of cellophane to seal off the sand - floral foam - and that's really about it - we used recycled trees - which were banded together with zap straps.... flowers covered the mechanics .”

A few more large scale arrangements I’ve run across…

035 tantawan

image via Tantawan Bloom

098a tantawan

image via Tantawan Bloom

6211558391_85bda659c1_z dfw events and the garden gate

image via DFW Events and The Garden Gate 

black-candlestick-tall-centerpiece-677x1024 amy burke

image via Amy Burke Designs and What Shanni Saw

DSC_0959  white lilac

image via White Lilac Inc.

DSC04563 bella floral

image via Bella Flora

Flora-Nova-Design-Seattle-Union-Station-wedding-flowers (49)  flora nova

image via Flora Nova

golftrumpsoho18 tantawan bloom

image via Tantawan Bloom

img_0219xquisite events fl

image via Xquisite Events 

Musselburgh Racecourse - Planet Flowers - Edinburgh Cup (2) alliums

image via Planet Flowers

Have you created a large scale arrangement you’d like to share? Send me a picture…we’d love to see it! If there were special mechanics involved in making it, be sure to include details.

Happy Thursday!


Mimi said...

Wow! These are amazing!

Chandin said...

Thanks for posting all of these. I love the Flora Nova design. Hanging Amaranthus is my favorite accent right now!

I have yet to have a super large scale piece requested. I'm both terrified and excited at the thought. You better believe you'll be hearing from me when I get a request! :)

Tina said...

thank you for the post Amy :) Cheers