Friday, July 20, 2012

Here We Go Again

Let’s try this little game again…what do these photos have in common?

06-r-ryan-nyki-franz-wedding-photos-pr-383-of-1125 Priscila Valentina photo and krista jon

image via Priscila Valentina Photography and Krista Jon

7534_195366168867_5108952_n  romance of flowers

image via Romance of Flowers

6a0133ecf3e2a9970b0147e09e0265970b-800wi pixies petals

image via Pixies Petals

421042_355499137815361_1800354492_n the arrangement company in virginia

image via The Arrangement Company

189537_10150131988391657_213192496656_7045221_2012559_n botanica

image via Botanica

199084_194499407250596_183166238383913_526763_4556076_n avant garden dallas

image via Avant Garden

100_0105 mood flowers

image via Mood Flowers

132 sweet and saucy and jl designs

image via JL Designs and Sweet and Saucy

984x588-Y1vk5NYKHnqWTkr7 ariel dearie flowers

image via Ariel Dearie Flowers

Now here’s the fun part…once you guess what the photos have in common, can you guess why the commonality is significant for Botanical Brouhaha?

Hope you have an incredible weekend!


Great flower lady said...

NOT a clue..

amy thornburg said...

The magical number of THREEEEEE!!!!! :)

botanical brouhaha said...

YEAH!! How appropriate that an "Amy" got the right answer! I started Botanical Brouhaha on this day (my birthday) THREE years ago as a birthday gift to myself...and what a gift it has been!

Laurie (Fleurie) said...

hmm, you are tricky today! I can only guess that maybe the designers have wished you a Happy Birthday today?
Have a great day!

Amanda Mae said...

Congrats Amy! Happy Birthday, and thanks for the daily dose of inspiration!!!!!!!

Lisa (Blooming Art) said...

Coming late to the game, but I also got three - although the hand-wrapped bouquet threw me at first. Happy Birthday!!

Anonymous said...

Happy #3 botanical brouhaha!!

Katie Pollard said...

You're so clever! I was stumped. Three is always so extraordinarily perfect, it wasn't even catching my attention!

Kelly said...

Happy birthday! Your passion is certainly a joy to us all! What a great gift for yourself. Hope you enjoy your day and are showered with flowers!

Becca Blue said...

Happy birthday! Happy anniversary!
Thank you for the daily inspiration!