Friday, July 27, 2012

How Are These Alike?

006erinkatephoto-2 sarah winward

image via Honey of a Thousand Flowers

6a00d834515d0369e2014e8bc7fbea970d-700wi karen buckle and Imbue

image via Imbue Weddings and Karen Buckle Photography

Fredericksburg-wedding-007-tm sprout fredericksburg

image via Sprout 

katherine_hale_wedding_09102011_0243 copy soiree floral

image via Soiree Floral 

Ok, flower friends…time for some feedback! What do you want to see on Fridays? Do you want to go back to “Which Bouquet?” or do you have a new idea?

Hope your weekend is fabulous!



Mimi said...

Love "Which bouquet?", but something new would be nice too. Don't know what though. Enjoyed the feature Kate from Floret Cadet did explaining business tips for floral design business. I know I don't have time right now for networking, though I know it's important. Kate's multi-part feature helped me feel a bit more connected to those in the industry.

Katie Pollard said...

Some version on Eucalyptus, I think. Stems, pods, or seeded. :-)

I like this game, but I miss "which bouquet?" too. Maybe alternate?

Katie Pollard said...

No! That's not it! I looked again and spotted the common flower. But I don't know the name. Sigh.

Grapevine! said...

Blushing Bride protea, my favorite!

Shannon/Flourish said...

Love me some Blushing Bride Protea!

Liz said...

*blushing bride protea*
LOVE IT, sadly haven't had a chance to use it though :(

Alyssa said...

Is it Blushing Bride? I love the whispy wimsy of it!

Great flower lady said...

they all have the bridal veil flower??

Bare Mtn Farm said...

Idea- a discussion of what 2013 trends in flowers and colors would be helpful. As a flower farmer now is the time to decide what to grow that will be exciting, in demand and the hot color. I learn so much from your blog no matter what topic is being discussed. Thanks!!