Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Botanical Brouhaha Expert Discussion Panel: Session 4

antoinette-1007 wild at hearte

image via Wild at Heart

The Question:

I need some help on mechanics for a 3-4 ft Manzanita tree centerpiece. I'm using a wooden base but not sure what size I need for that size tree? Also, not sure how to secure it and still be able to fit foam for florals at the base of the tree? (submitted by a designer in Atlanta, Ga.)


The Answers:

“I use an 11inch Lomey loaded in Grande Oasis. I encase the entire piece of foam with chicken wire. I then use Davey Tape around the wire and oasis securing it to  the Lomey. I cut a small hole in the center of the chicken wire and force my branch through that small slit in the wire and down into the oasis. I then tape or wire the bottom of the branch to the chicken wire for extra support. This gives me a sturdy platform full of foam so that I can begin my design. I don't use the wooden base plates on my Manzanita because we prefer to hang our Manzanita when it goes back into storage.”

-Holly Chapple (Holly Heider Chapple Flowers)


“When it come to trees as centerpieces I prefer to use a tub as a base. The tub can be filled with stones and oasis. A tub is neater, makes sure there's no mess from the oasis on the tables and is easy to transport.”

-Emelie Ekborg (Svenska Blomsterbloggar)


”Tough for me to answer, as there are no Manzanitas in Europe :o) Anyway, when making new, large designs, i usually realize prototypes beforehand trying various techniques until i find the best solution. Making a prototype certainly takes time, but it is well spent if you can spare a tree falling on the guests on the D-day!”

-Laetitia Mayor (Floresie)

manzanita 6a00d8345165de69e2010536f83f03970b-800wi my event creations

image via My Event Creations


Thanks Holly, Emelie and Laetitia!

On a final note…saw these photos this week and I was intrigued…thought you might enjoy seeing them…just like magic…

anemone closed DSC_0003 rebecca shepherd floral design

anemone open DSC_0030 rebecca shepherd floral design

images via Rebecca Shepherd Floral Design

Happy Wednesday!


Laurie (Fleurie) said...

I used a chunk of styrofoam, cut out a hole to fit the branch tightly, glued in the branch with pan glue, then I wedged it into the 8" square container with floral foam cut to fit the container tightly, leaving a corner or two for watering. This method worked very well for me, and when done, can be stored with the styro attached. This held a 36" branch with votives and a few flowers attached. If the container is waterproof, not needing a liner, the styro can also be pan glued to the bottom.

Katie Pollard said...

I've also seen tutorials that use the spray foam that expands to fill the container. I'm doing this for the first time in October, so I'm thrilled to see all these different ideas!

Hacman Floral said...

Great idea Holly! Its smart to be able to reuse the trees!

Lesa Atteo said...

I read somewhere to use Plaster of Paris, but you wouldn't be getting that out of the container any time soon for reuse. The only thing I think that would be good about this is the fact that you would have a sound structure.