Friday, November 9, 2012

For Alexandra

alex 015-honey-and-poppies_thumb2

image via Honey and Poppies 

alex 183 planet flowers_thumb

image via Planet Flowers 

alex 490-azalea-floral-design-CT_thumb2

image via Azalea Floral Design and Carla Ten Eyck Photography

alex 98989crop_thumb10 bliss

image via Bliss Flower Studio

alex 20100125-458-bloomersflowers.blogspo[1]

image via Bloomers Flowers

alex blackyellowweddingdecor16ruffled_thu

image via Ruffled 

alex bridebloombellafiori_thumb bella fiori

image via Bella Fiori

alex IMG_2045moderndayfloral_thumb7

image via Modern Day Floral 

alex MFGPin-the-monkey-flower-group11

image via The Monkey Flower Group

alex Yellow-black-white-ceremony-planter- karen tran

image via Karen Tran and J Garner Photography 

381260_341923922501761_424709402_n jessica claire photo

image via Jessica Claire Photography 

552912_10150618691087181_1966623201_n heather lily

image via Heatherlily 

sweet and saucy1 image via Sweet and Saucy 


You might also find inspiration in these posts featuring black & white…would be simple to add yellow to many of the designs…

Good Luck!

Have a great weekend…


Alexandra Jusino said...

Thank you Amy! You are awesome.

Mimi said...

I absolutely love the combination of bright yellow flowers with the crispness and sophistication of black and white. Have a wonderful weekend Amy!

Holly Chapple said...

I love that you posted this and I love the blog title. You are amazing!!!

Never A Plain Jane said...

I can't speak for Alexandra, but this certainly made my day!