Monday, November 19, 2012

Sweet Peas

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images above via Florali

10_wild_posie_enlarged  bella & fifi

image via Bella & Fifi

4562_90053068330_1591879_n TOAST

image via Toast

091311-4 studio choo

image via Studio Choo

154461_439884426037008_962688610_n enmasse flowers

image via En Masse Flowers

163562_304395069649004_510411290_n emily carter floral designs

image via Emily Carter Floral Design 

215608_139679702770843_138727949532685_263510_8137037_n laura miller design

image via Laura Miller Design

421127_338996029470422_1727047386_n affair with george

image via Affair with George

428808_480796815266111_1898053729_n clare day flowers

image via Clare Day Flowers

544831_10150859729754231_1033251989_n shea hopely

image via Shea Hopely Flowers

6879287908_8d955112c0_b saipua

image via Saipua 

abby13 allow me events

image via Allow Me Events 

AH bride denise fasanello

image via Denise Fasanello 

bouquet21 virginia wolff chicago

image via Virginia Wolff 

Carina&Chris 115 spriggs florist

image via Spriggs Florist 

dscf3229 zest

image via Zest 

 sweet pea 315449_10151753580046992_850687372_n love lily

image via Love, Lily

Happy Monday…and thanks for your words of encouragement on yesterday’s post. “Flower people” really are some of the kindest people on Earth. 

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tweety said...

I love love love this flower!!!