Tuesday, November 20, 2012

‘White Naomi’ Roses

Kees Ouwersloot for H.J. de Mooij:

"White Naomi! is uniquely different because of her subtle fragrance that is nicely complemented by an extraordinary vaselife. She has a vaselife of two weeks, which is not a common characteristic among fragrant roses. In addition to this, White Naomi! opens beautifully and develops a nice crown."

rose whitenaomi_topview_nl_rose www.schreurs.nl

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images above via Schreurs

white naomi aldenbiesen2010-robertkoene-kerk_11

image via Schreurs and Robert Koene

IMG_4009 interiors and flowers blogspot

image via Interiors and Flowers by Design

Designer: Robert Koene

video courtesy of Robert Koene

Have any of you used this rose? What do you think of it?

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Never A Plain Jane said...

I always think white roses are so romantic - like moonlight.

Speaking of roses, what are your thoughts on the rose bowl parade? Do you love it? Cry for all those cut flowers? Look forward to the new roses bred each year?