Thursday, December 13, 2012

When A Floral Designer Gets Married…

Over the years of working with brides, I’ve been asked many times about my own wedding bouquet. They just seem to be curious about which flowers a floral designer would choose. So…lately, I started to wonder the same thing about all of you designers. Last week I put out a plea for you to send pictures of your personal bridal bouquets and I had so much fun opening the emails you sent.

Here’s what you sent:

“It's been almost 10 years and I love it just as much as I did then, which is kind of amazing- those are still all my very favorite flowers.”  -Erin from Erin Volante Floral

erin volantemy wedding

erin volantehappy day

erin volantehair

images courtesy of T & K Photography

You can see more of Erin’s wedding on her blog here.


“I found a photo of my bridal bouquet I carried in 2008.  It's funny to look back at it now that I am making bouquets for brides. The knowledge I have of what colors work well together and what flower varieties last longer than others, etc.”  - Alicia from Alicia Jayne Florals

alicia bouquet


“Joel and I arranged the flowers for our wedding ourselves, and it was only the third wedding I'd designed. Even through the handful of weddings I've done since then, I've grown a lot as a designer, and I would probably do things very differently now. It was fun to look over the pictures, though, and see the first glimmers of my still-developing style. This is also when we realized that Joel is just as good a designer as I am. . . He made the yellow bouquet for my sister and all of the boutonnieres! He still makes most of my boutonnieres!”  - Katie from Color My World Flowers 

katie 0043_Pollard Wedding-077

katie 0033_Pollard Wedding-062

katie0019_Pollard Wedding-027

katie 0263_Pollard Wedding-930

images courtesy of Kristin Sweeting Photography


“I had the task/pleasure  of making my bridal bouquet this past spring! My husband and I were married on April 7th, 2012.

We got married in the early spring....before my wedding season really started so we could take a honeymoon!

Being early spring I was not sure what I would end up putting in my bouquet...I had no idea what it was going to look like until I was done with it! Oh sure I had ideas......lots.....I went back and forth between a small posy of nothing but forget me not, a classic, but somewhat boring bouquet of white phaleonopsis..... or so many others! In fact I almost was a two bouquet bride, instead of a two dress bride :)  In the end I went with a profusion of favorite part was the yellow clivia that my parents have had for years that just happened to be blooming!”  - Faye from Flora Organica Designs 

Faye IMG_6427

faye JF-4-7-12-0197

faye  flora organicaJF-4-7-12-0206

faye JF-4-7-12-0236 flora organica

first image courtesy of Faye

all other images courtesy of JJT Photography


“My bouquet…circa 2005. Euc, hypericum, roses, curly willow.” –Kelly from 3 Leaf Floral Design 

kelly 08-03-2006 10_23_10AM


“My wedding was the second wedding for which I ever did flowers (back in 2008) and my bouquet's elements were mostly chosen for sentimental reasons. Nearly everything had a personal meaning, including the daisies, the tulip and snapdragons grown in my mom's yard, the piece of my birth tree (planted the day I was born), and wildflowers (lupines aka bluebonnets) that bloom at the time of year we got married. I was born in mid-March 1979 and my parents took newborn photos of me amongst the lupines; 29 years later we got married on March 29 and I picked lupines the morning of our wedding to put in my bouquet. Here are two photos of the bouquet: one of me with it and one of the bouquet on its own.” – Emily from Green Snapdragon

emily green snapdragonem_bridal

emily green snapdragonem_with_bouquet

images courtesy of Grizard Photography


“My flowers were pretty basic: I had stephanotis, white roses, Peruvian Lilies (alstromeria) and baby's breath, but what later became some of my favorite flowers were the zinnias in my bridesmaids' bouquets.”   - Tracy from Springwell Gardens

tracy ourwedding 3

tracy ourwedding5

springwell ourwedding6

You can see more of Tracy’s wedding on her blog here.


“We had a very small and non-traditional wedding (on 1-1-11).  Because I usually design hand-tied, round bouquets for my clients, I decided to do a cascading bouquet for myself.  The wedding colors were gray and coral and I didn't special order any flowers.  Instead, I went with what my supplier had on hand that went with my colors.  We ended up using peach tulips, white hyacinth, pussy willow, flax, lily grass, Monstera leaves and succulents, accented with gray, coral and peach ribbons and a silver Lomey wire collar.”  - Althea from Rose of Sharon Floral Designs

 althea Wiles-420

althea Wiles-344

images courtesy of Andrea Parnell Photography


Thanks for taking the time to send these photos. We’ll have to do this again in the future!

Happy Thursday….


Alyssa said...

You're right! That was fun to see!

Emelie said...

So many beautiful bouquets & brides! I've also been qurious about designers & personal bridal bouquet, so this was a really great post, Amy!

Katie Pollard said...

How fun! Also, I forgot to credit my dear friend Kristin Sweeting for our photos.

Tracy Huntley said...

I loved seeing all these different designers and their wedding flowers. Do you have a post about your own flowers, Amy? I would love to see your wedding flowers!!!

local florist said...

LOVE this post!! I have been designing for 7 years and I still have no idea what I will choose for my own wedding!!