Monday, January 7, 2013

Phalaenopsis Orchid

05-copy LA Premier

01-copy LA Premier

images above via LA Premier 

6a010536cd7992970c0176172b2e5d970c robertsons flowers

image via Robertson’s Flowers 

100_0623 mood flowers

image via Mood Flowers

1030-259x390  modern day floral

image via Modern Day Floral 

2195-9987  TANTAWAN

image via Tantawan Bloom and Hechler Photographers

18261_534170279944268_280195298_n karen tran and joseph matthew photo

image via Karen Tran and Joseph Matthew Photography 

23633_340469661991_900455_n ,love lily

image via Love, Lily 

229718_159087397486634_3198617_n wish social events

image via Wish Social Events 

270532_221862214517996_154806701223548_591944_4029895_n precious pear

image via Precious Pear

282983_10151329662400516_708853840_n tantawan

image via Tantawan Bloom and Hechler Photographers

288766_357558117653339_1960560322_o hacman floral

image via Hacman Floral

308638_10150428695620739_2092953829_n shawna yamamoto event design

image via Shawna Yamamoto Event Design 

316246_10150419866585033_89418505032_10527003_1262199442_n michel daigian

image via Michael Daigian 

399339_540096902684939_1248426602_n karen tran

image via Karen Tran and Joseph Matthew Photography 

417672_10150670044269660_934847257_n stoneblossom

image via Stoneblossom 

480041_469911596354480_1133154373_n florisity

image via Florisity

528168_562769403736709_117050749_n entwined design florals

image via Entwined Design 

554069_156372291173944_194370880_n divine floreal

image via Divine Floreal

Happy Monday!


Faye Krause said...

love the phaleonopsis in the window frames!

O-Town HD said...

oh man, those white orchids are beautiful!

Mimi said...

I love these phalaenopsis floral creations. Making phalaenopsis bouquets is one of the easiest and most stunning bridal bouquets.

marci said...

Phalaenopsis of my Favs!!!

Janet said...

love that bouquet by florisity.