Thursday, February 7, 2013

Color Riot

0036_jb_0315 kate webber photo and the cutting garden flora grubb

image via The Cutting Garden and Kate Webber Photography 

6a00d834515d0369e201543628e649970c-700wi karen buckle and mondo

image via Mondo Floral Design and Karen Buckle Photography 

102_0423 (2) mood flowers

image via Mood Flowers 

14697_465353330187810_73459678_n primary petals

image via Primary Petals 

38404_418568971991_3706960_n love lily

image via Love, Lily

247462_10150268428730498_8185082_n  lush couture floral design and tracy autem photo

image via Lush Couture Floral and Tracy Autem Photography

253017_491861100826386_1733480097_nsullivan owen

image via Sullivan Owen Floral and Event Design 

264352_10150218518320938_6807655_n honey and poppies

image via Honey and Poppies

380147_455286984523284_1818933929_n passionflower

image via Passionflower

405229_10151144118005056_274821033_n bella fiori and corrie kraft photo

image via Bella Fiori and Corrie Kraft Photography

427353_10150813124418868_951632606_n romance of flowers

image via Romance of Flowers

486709_367868313296376_961051207_n n the blue carrot

image via The Blue Carrot 

486957_394644530572773_686738451_n  ladybird poppy floral design

image via Ladybird Poppy Floral Design 

531996_10151445583230498_636745636_n and lush couture floral design

image via Lush Couture Floral and Lightly Photo

535624_10151506822375739_136172646_n shawna yamamoto event design

image via Shawna Yamamoto Event Design and Focus Photo Inc.

537307_482680548455088_1966568719_n primary petals

image via Primary Petals 

564061_393533173991912_386170068_n  calie rose

image via Calie Rose 

5619927916_1ac0484ce3_b Natalie Galasso Designs

image via Natalie Galasso Designs 

5683311202_74de3c23fe_o april flowers and ahlin photo

image via April Flowers and Ahlin Photography 

5925831247_349e09f99a_o amy osaba

image via Amy Osaba

Hope you have a FUN Thursday…


Mimi said...

Amy, I'm absolutely loving these colorful mixed bouquets and flower arrangements. They're delightful!

Terri said...

Loved the peach can arrangement--what a cute idea!

Anonymous said...

there is still a foot of snow outside and i find myself smiling! that is thanks to your post.. :)