Monday, February 4, 2013

Flowers + Stripes

51 the little branch

91 the little branch

images above via The Little Branch

163  green and bloom 402580_10150657247766117_303184921116_11377881_1289442264_n  green and bloom

429831_10150657247216117_303184921116_11377878_1884059146_n  green and bloom

images above via Green and Bloom

10465_10151229363233413_1153077693_n la petite fleur mn

image via La Petite Fleur 

229837_466677296697665_807423652_n love n fresh

image via Love ‘n Fresh Flowers 

314967_290335627658004_1139319211_n  the bouquets od ascha jolie au

395339_367986866559546_2132355245_n  the bouquets od ascha jolie au

images above via The Bouquets of Ascha Jolie

319018_10151294831105522_1186044071_n bows and arrows

garden-style-shoot-16 bows and arrows

images above via Bows and Arrows 

381961_445821532121204_1513960509_n affair with george

image via Affair with George 

401960_10150963999983011_226239255_n isha foss

image via Isha Foss Events

419085_294655930596446_1162658929_n wish social events

image via Wish Social Events 

419810_495055563855944_2014693071_n floret cadet

image via Floret Cadet 

582180_343379825728240_195814317151459_858718_281487501_n true florette and jen lynne photo

image via True Florette Floral Design and Jen Lynne Photography

7174776458_acb8b5c748_z honey and poppies

image via Honey and Poppies

DSC_0396  bash,please

image via Bash, Please 

The Wedding of Sarah Esson and Andrew Yule
Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh
23 December 2011

image via Planet Flowers

Image-762 Tracy Timmester. photo and holly chapple

image via Holly Heider Chapple Flowers and Tracy Timmester Photography

IMG_5260 honey of a thousand flowers

image via Honey of a Thousand Flowers

IMG_8170 verbena floral design

image via Verbena Floral Design

Happy Monday!


Janice Bear said...

I love it! Although, if the table runners didn't stay straight I'd be driven to distraction...

Kate said...

Love all of these! Thanks for including my little baby shower arrangement!