Monday, February 11, 2013

Garden Roses

12250_4498474692415_1568004867_n and zest

image via Zest and Jessica Hill Photography 

77071_569755499718078_1654384689_n oak & the owl

image via Oak and the Owl 

156554_452021961516453_332411806_n passionflower

image via Passionflower

228595_459456594087544_125462879_n b floral

image via B Floral 

303781_508540499170048_536579333_n nadia di tullio

image via Nadia di Tullio 

304383_379204912150192_192751595_nflora fauna

429567_283233721747312_917001541_n flora fauna

images above via Flora Fauna 

312304_10151254521034537_934540302_n FLEUR

543780_10151227106029537_571022760_n fleur chicago

images above via Fleur 

319518_10151372791592625_1065955447_n valley flower company

image via Valley Flower Company

391617_525097607506883_868013802_n kari renee photo and fleurology

image via Fleurology and Kari Renee Photography 

405589_290626284398902_493950871_n floret

image via Floret Flower Farm 

421843_334094333280089_142513459104845_1087365_1974311462_n kathleen deery designs

image via Kathleen Deery Design

427711_10151244277964807_455134669_n alex jusino

image via Exquisite Designs 

429889_346285835410175_1292099568_n dr delphinium

545721_392440624128029_924758983_n dr delphinium

images above via Dr. Delphinium

486064_4858714399098_1888568504_n oliver howell photo and tracy park

image via Park Place Design and Oliver Howell Photography

534332_414814571914903_1605885641_n Susan Solo Photography and weddings and blooms

image via Weddings and Blooms and Susan Solo Photography

540253_239854662812055_191226712_n rosegolden flowers and mandy busby photo

image via Rosegolden Flowers and Mandy Busby Photography 

544885_10151341574819673_2072886515_n sebesta design llc and jonathan nimerfroh photo

image via Sebesta Design and JDN Photography

Happy Monday!


K. Barber-Flower Farmer said...

simple beautiful. Thanks for sharing

Lesa Atteo said...

One of my favorite flowers: garden roses...