Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Working Designer Wednesday

I get so excited about these Wednesday posts…hope you enjoy what I have for you today…

1. A couple of weeks ago, I had the privilege of meeting Jody from The Moss & Rose at a wedding site. She was gracious to let me hang around and watch her team at work. They created beautiful bouquets of garden roses, anemones and berries….and wrapped the stems in a makeshift parking lot studio…





Jody created the altar pieces on site while her team installed the pew ends…





A quick cleanup with the help of a sweet girl…


And parting hugs…until we meet again!


Jody and her team…minus one member who was at the reception site…


…Jody and me…this is why I love blogging!

2. Some outdoor spaces I love…

2940_485843418141228_1955814791_n creeping fig

184551_470710456321191_1618636725_n the creeping fig

images above via The Creeping Fig

205927_472602679465302_370568919_n claire mee garden designer

image via Claire Mee Garden Design

230768_473714272687476_2109234720_n lonny magazine

image via Lonny Magazine

270403_425756287491809_1989326062_n molly wood garden design

image via Molly Wood Garden Design

301789_462564563802447_2099586022_n veranda

image via Veranda 

307589_10151331221999708_1722598808_n david pedersen landscape architecture

image via David Pedersen Landscape Architect

314295_581073648573150_710274351_n bloomin crazy by joni holland fb

image via Bloomin Crazy by Joni Holland

3. The perfectly precious office of Susanne at The Blue Carrot

252009_399729513443589_1764333822_n the blue carrot office space

Hope your Wednesday is wonderful! Thinking of all you designers who are knee deep in Valentine’s flowers…can’t wait to see your creations.


Jody said...

Thanks Amy for coming to meet us - and for pitching in and helping even! That tip on how to butter up the grumpy church coordinator was invaluable! (-: And those cookies that you made us were a perfect treat for the ride back to Houston! It's so fun to be a fellow Texan!

I should really write myself a note to deal with my wild, crazyΩ hair mid way through the day....(-:

Lesa Atteo said...

They did a beautiful job. So inspiring to see the ladies designing on site.

Amy, great work!