Thursday, March 21, 2013

Flowers & Feathers

8bouquet-3 Alixann Loosle Photography amd petal pixie utah

Petal Pixie and Alixann Loosle Photography

65257_10151218366030957_547078701_n Emma Freeman Photography and flora bella

Flora Bella and Emma Freeman Photography 

221938_216189301740324_159860124039909_898369_6501689_n  seed floral

Seed Floral 

312001_271358012896141_406490862_n the arrangement company in virginia

The Arrangement Company and Allegras Studio 

395390_547920191899986_909775328_n pat's floral designs and jen fariello photo

Pat’s Floral Designs and Jen Fariello Photography

408927_301758126540987_332038462_n Mary Redente and Brian Espinosa photo and green snapdragon floral design

Green Snapdragon and Redente and Espinosa Weddings

423012_495977470436408_837880337_n terra bella flowers & mercantile

Terra Bella Flowers & Mercantile

427622_10150666444229879_804005658_n floral ring the posh posey

The Posh Posey 

486388_537836789577617_1584633847_n karen tran

Karen Tran and Pam Scott Photography 

523849_525626697451054_1603308114_n rebecca shepherd floral design

Rebecca Shepherd Floral Design 

529537_10151218402345957_1830630124_n Brandon Werth Photography and flora bella

Flora Bella and Brandon Werth Photography

576643_407375899280674_163659387_n hothouse design studio and jessica messer photo

Hothouse Design Studio and Jessica Messer Photography

33120004 floral occasions

Floral Occasions

abbie_dick_wedding_byallisondavisphotography_highresolution_0352$!x600posh floral design

Posh Floral Designs and Allison Davis Photography

b-2 stems by diana

Stems by Diana

bleached peacock-wedding-bouquet canvas and canopy events

Canvas and Canopy Events

(bleached peacock feathers)

DSC_0013  courtenay lambert florals

Courtenay Lambert Florals 

erika and eric3 zest


event5_2 the green vase

The Green Vase

Happy Thursday!


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Mimi said...

I confess, I haven't always been a fan of feathers in flower arrangements, but we were commissioned to do some giant woodland installments and arrangements for a memorial service and we used feathers. It was totally appropriate for the setting. So I'm more inclined now to consider using them again. Thanks for sharing these wonderful images.