Monday, April 8, 2013

Still Loving Succulents

I doubt there will come a day when I tire of succulents. I try hard to keep my succulent posts to a minimum so I don’t bore you, but really…is there anything more architectural and beautiful?

00211 priscila valentino photo

Priscila Valentina Photography

02-may12-04571  Paula Luna photo and krista jon

Krista Jon and Luna Photo

00833 holly flora and our labor of love by heidi

Holly Flora and Our Labor of Love by Heidi 

17721_468531523196617_1210854733_n Jurgita Lukos Photography and 3 leaf floral design

3 Leaf Floral Design and Jurgita Lukos Photography

Floral Verde 

223060_10151087813844537_500657813_n fleur


392510_10150720137744051_1221662654_nlila b

Lila B 

377510_332465146778385_1647810474_n  the bouquets od ascha jolie au

The Bouquets of Ascha Jolie 

   393834_286535384731779_144360017_n passionflower


422459_333972759958913_142513459104845_1087039_1471039489_n kathleen deery designs

Kathleen Deery Design 

422750_390324970994815_264044300289550_1518347_1684163642_n old town florist portland oregon

Old Town Florist

486483_10151188557825152_1724140123_n flora organica designs

Flora Organica Designs 

5049256254_41197de43c_z love n fresh flowers dot com

Love ‘n Fresh Flowers 

531890_577415938952034_1669455678_n oak and the owl and kamee june photo

Oak and the Owl and Kamee June Photography 

542182_348141825251074_1905529780_n sophisticated floral designs

Sophisticated Floral Designs

548994_485193488177566_1992360008_n floral verde

Floral Verde 

B 2 Succulents on stand heavenly blooms

Heavenly Blooms 

Bubble-Babies seed floral

Seed Floral 

caliguri0685$!x600 datura


DSCF3703 bloom by Anuschka

Bloom by Anuschka

Happy Monday!


Great flower lady said...

so yummy!!! love them.. using a ton this year!!

Francoise Weeks said...

Gorgeous! I absolutely love them!

Laurie (Fleurie) said...

Don't stop posting about them! I love to see what other florists do with them! I have a couple of brides coming up that want to incorporate them into their bouquets- yippee!