Friday, April 5, 2013

Which Bouquet?

The Dress…

wedding dress 71826_10150278513984999_689690038_n elie saab

…from Elie Saab

The Bouquets…

Bouquet #1 (Helen Olivia)

Bridal Bouquet 002  helen olivia

Bouquet #2 (La Petite Fleur)

576475_10151276865658413_1987105308_n  la petite fleur mn

Bouquet #3 (Pat’s Floral Design)

487419_557754447583227_245434593_n southern blooms by pat's floral design and rothwell photo

Bouquet #4 (FleurGirl)

IMG_0388 copy the fleur girl and demetrius lamont photo

Bouquet #5 (Art with Nature)

IMG_0616 art with nature

Which would you choose?

Have a great weekend!


kenju said...

I like #1 and # 4

Tiffany said...

I can't say no to anything with gloriosas, so #1 for sure.

Susanne @Roses & China said...

Number 3, in my opinion!
The style is in keeping with that of the dress and although there is plenty of red to match the colour of the dress, around the edges it has plenty of contrasting green so that the bouquet doesn't merge into the dress and disappear!

abby said...

3 or 5! gorgeous!

Andie Williams said...

Love the hues of the #3, but the cascading effect of #5 would look stunning with a slim dress like that. Love them both!