Monday, June 17, 2013

Queen Anne’s Lace

Eddie Zaratsian for Restoration Hardware

Eddie Zaratsian and Marianne Lozano Photography

1150 the byrd collective 4

The Byrd Collective 

004366-R1-007 flowerwild


223585_10151297187249537_1503768963_n angela renee photo and fleur

Fleur and Angela Renee Photography

403779_333917643358110_1363188232_n  the blue carrot

The Blue Carrot

425236_598517153506080_580948869_n the moss & rose

The Moss & Rose

430119_297909790274278_156574431074482_820770_93587398_n sophisticated floral designs

Sophisticated Floral Designs and Fritz Photo

430928_535434659801014_657097959_n cebolla fine flowers

Cebolla Fine Flowers

483236_10151590690769746_1384542883_n petal floral design and josh goleman photo

Petal and Josh Goleman Photography

483550_638037489544792_2125133447_n Vicki Grafton Photography and alicia jayne florals

Alicia Jayne Florals and Vicki Grafton Photography

487778_492925464076487_1614327012_n kaleco design

Kaleco Design

526400_591274464217768_817782439_n ever ours events

Ever Ours Events

934908_10151595250542838_1259259885_n dandelion ranch

Dandelion Ranch 

935631_625678360795002_1861104215_n jo flowers

Jo Flowers

91113340ac5511e1ab011231381052c0_7 fleurology


7421021772_2ba0c77bd1_z  Lydia Chen Fotography and the cutting garden flora grubb

The Cutting Garden and Lydia Chen Fotography

Carina&Chris 377  spriggs florist

Spriggs Florist

Delfina-39 lila b

Lila B

DSC_0052 rebecca shepherd floral design

Rebecca Shepherd Floral Design 

dsc_0060 hide and seek design

Hide and Seek Design

Happy Monday!


Ellen said...

I love queen anne's lace and we have it available locally in Maryland right now. I'm always nervous about using it in hand-tied wedding bouquets because I'm afraid of it wilting. Any tips?

Alicia Broehl said...

Thanks for showing my bouquet photographed by Vicki Grafton! Loved working with that oasis foam bouquet holder! Ellen, the bouquet holder helps the queen anne's lace stay hydrated but I also think tucking it in among other heartier flowers would give it support so if it does wilt you wouldn't notice as much. do you spray your bouquets will crown and glory? - Alicia

Laurie (Fleurie) said...

Hi Ellen, if you are worried about wilting, just tuck it in the bouquet so the other flowers help support it. I worry about that too, and find that this works great.

Ellen said...

Thanks! We've given up on oasis so we're not using bouquet holders. I'll try to use it tucked in to see how it does. I